Monday, November 12, 2012

An Uninspiring Stripe Manicure

Hi everyone!

I said it a couple of times last week, but I'll say it once again: I've been feeling completely uninspired lately! Usually I have a few design ideas just waiting to be executed, but in recent weeks I've been drawing a complete blank.

I've been sporting animal print manicures over the last couple of weeks (that's what I fall back on when I'm feeling uninspired), but because I've posted so many animal print designs over the years, I didn't even bother posting these most recent ones. I don't want to bore with you too much animal print!

Today's manicure, although it's not animal print, is another that I wasn't going to bother posting. It's super simple and I'll even go as far as to say that it's boring. In fact, I'm so bored by this mani that I'm only posting the one photo of it as opposed to my typical three photos.

The base colour here is Orly Snowcone and the stripes are done using Orly Lollipop and Orly Gumdrop. Although it's not the most complex or artistic design I've done, I do actually like the colour combination.

So that's it for today! Hopefully my creative juices will start flowing again soon!


  1. Animal Prints don't bore me! I wanna see it ;)

  2. I love that you did the first two fingers different, that is like my peace sign mani! :) I do love your colors too Kayla : ) LOVE this.

    I relate to your lack of artistic inspiration, it ebbs and flows. May I suggest you could consider my inspiration gallery and entering a RIRI inspired manicure in my Making Histo-RiRi Gallery in honor of her new CD UNAPOLOGETIC? It is easy to upload, check my menu bar on my blog, you have to click through to get there, that is if I can tempt you over ; )

    I think Riri is inspiring, from a nail perspective, do you as well I wonder?

  3. Sometimes when I'm feeling very uninspired and blah, I'll browse the patterns at Colourlovers. I also browse the Design and Illustrations and Posters categories on Pinterest. Sometimes just opening up my drawers and picking a few colors will get my juices going too. I hope your mental nail art block breaks down soon! :)

  4. I know that feeling Kayla! I've been feeling largely uninspired lately too! When I'm not feeling it I usually go for glittery manicures, they always seem like the easiest and fastest way to create a visually interesting mani!

  5. Hi Kayla,
    I actually LOVE that you did this one. It's simple and doesn't take a lot of time. Today I'm wearing one polish on my entire left hand and another polish on my entire right hand. It looks extremely simple (and kinda boring to me as well) but a lot of coworkers have commented on how "cute" it looks. Thanks for all your posts! Keep up the great work! :D

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  7. I loved the color specially the stripes.The Orly polish, after 2 or 3 coats, looked nice but the brush in the bottle sucks big time! It seems to have lots of short bristles, and it ends up getting polish all over the place. I had a heck of a time getting a nice line along my cuticles, and had to use a clean up stick on nearly every finger.

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  8. I totally know what you mean by uninspired. I struggled last week and sat in my polish room for ages but didn't one up with one design I loved. You will get our mojo back because you are awesome :) xx

  9. Is that the engagement ring I see peeking out in the pics? Lol, I would never take that rock off either!! :D


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