Thursday, November 08, 2012

OPI - DS Temptation

Hi guys!

This polish has been sitting at the bottom of my to-swatch bin for ages now, so I'm finally showing it to you today. This is Temptation from the OPI Designer Series. Temptation was released in Fall 2011 and although it's not the holographic type of DS that we all love, it's still really awesome.

Temptation is a sheer blue-purple base with a very dense mix of blue, purple and pink glitters. The dominant glitters are blue and purple, but there is definitely some pink in there as well.

This is a versatile polish because it can be worn alone with three coats, which is what I've shown you here, but it also starts out sheer enough that it could be layered over another polish. The formula was easy to work with and it didn't feel thick like a lot of these type of glitter bombs do, even after the three coats plus top coat.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that DS Temptation is now available as part of the core OPI DS line.


  1. Love looking at this one but not so much wearing it - too gritty for me most of the time. OPI shows it in the currently selling DSline but the DS line is never part of the classic line. Experience seems to show OPI carries some DS shades forward until either they have a like shade coming out, or it's not selling well anymore, or they cannot afford to make it anymore. Will be interesting to see with all the backlash that came out over the glitter bombs they have released into the DS line if they ever do it again. I for one am glad they did not do glitter for this yr's releases. I do like Magic from 2011 a lot and have worn that a ton - sometimes even with a light topper of Temptation over it.

  2. I found a DS display in a store here in my town, and among the new fall shades I saw DS Magic. Such an awesomeness <3 And Temptation is really gorgeous too!!!!
    I'm still longing for Holos, though.


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