Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Orly Naughty or Nice Collection - My Picks

Hey guys!

So now that some of the engagement craziness has died down, I was able to get some swatching done! It felt good to finally tackle the overflowing mess that was my to-swatch bin.

Today I have three shades from Orly's Holiday Collection called Naughty or Nice. The collection features six shades altogether, but I only picked up three three that I was most intrigued by.

Angel Eyes is a mix of blue and holographic hex glitters in a blue tinted base. This one looks stunning in the bottle and it didn't disappoint on the nails. I've shown it here layered over Color Club Gift of Sparkle - a blue foil (swatches of the Winter Affair Collection coming soon). The formula was really easy to work with and although I prefer it as a layering polish, you could most likely wear this on its own with three or four coats.

Halo is a mix of warm and cool gold and silver glitters in a clear base. I find the cooler shades dominate, which is why I like this one so much (I find cool goes better with my skin tone). This can be worn alone or as a layering polish, and I've actually shown you both ways in my swatch. On my index nail, there's three coats of Halo on its own. On the rest of my nails, I've layered it over Color Club Winter Affair - a gold foil. The formula was great.

Miss Conduct is a gorgeous magenta pink with a scattered holographic finish. This is my top pick and if you can only get one shade from this collection, this one should be it. The formula was stellar and it just barely needed two coats for opacity.

The other three shades in the collection are all in the red family. There's a standard red creme, a deep red shimmer and a red and gold glitter mix. I liked Devil May Care (the red and gold glitter shade), but it seemed similar to one from the new China Glaze Collection, which is on its way to me, so that's why I passed on the Orly one.

The Orly Naughty or Nice Collection is a November release, so it should be currently available just about everywhere Orly is sold.


  1. Yes Miss Conduct is like Zoya Aurora.. Pretty

  2. those are the same three I got!! I love them and I love the name Miss Conduct [any hockey fans?! haha]

  3. I grabbed Miss Conduct ASAP soon as I swipped a little of it on my Scotch tape I had with me in Sally's. I really love the color and the fact it's not a big old gritty glitter. And yes, I agree, Miss Conduct does hit some of that same magenta range as Zoya Aurora however totally different in my book but I am a huge fan of magentas/fuchsias. When I see a 'different' one that gets my heart racing, I have to have it!

  4. Beautiful! Miss Conduct it stunning, I hope to have it someday. I would die for it! :D

  5. Orly always create beautiful polishes! The blue one is my favourite!

  6. I'm in love with Miss Conduct! It's so pretty!!

  7. Very pretty! I already have Miss Conduct, but the other 2 are so pretty too!

    1. That's the one I picked up for myself too!

  8. These definitely all look like winners to me!

  9. Sigh. You have such beautiful nails. Oh, and the polishes are gorgeous too ;)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Miss Conduct's been calling my name since the first time I've seen it.
    I'm -hardly- trying to resist. Will I succeed?
    Angel Eyes would be perfect for me, if only it hadn't those hex glitters....

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