Tuesday, December 18, 2012

GOSH - Holographic Hero

Hey guys!

GOSH Holographic is one of those really coveted discontinued polishes that everyone wants to get their hands on. Well, GOSH listened to our pleas and brought Holographic back, but they did change it a bit. It's been re-released with the name Holographic Hero, but it's still a silver linear holographic polish.

After visiting two Shopper's Drug Mart locations and finding empty displays, I managed to find a full display at a third location. I considered purchasing two, but I have a number of silver holo polishes already, so I thought it was fair to leave the others for someone else to find and love. It is the holidays, after all!

As I said above, Holographic Hero is a silver polish with a linear holographic finish. It doesn't look like much in the shade, but once you get the sucker out in the sun or under some direct lighting, you see what makes it special. The holo is quite strong, but I've seen swatches comparing the old and new versions that show the old version as still being more holographic.

Something I found funny/interesting about this polish is that the label on the bottle cap says "One Night Wear for Holographic Lovers". It's like GOSH recognizes the flaw in holographic formulas (ie: they generally tend to chip quite easily) and decided to turn it into a marketing ploy. It's pretty clever, but we nail polish addicts see right through it.

In terms of formula, Holographic Hero was on the thin side, but still built up to opacity in two coats. It applied quite well and I didn't need to use an aqua fix base coat or anything of the sort.

Like I said, I got my bottle from Shopper's Drug Mart, which is a Canadian drugstore. It was the same price as the rest of the GOSH polish line at $7.


  1. I do love gosh holo, but was so disappointed to know this re-released formula is different. It is still gorgeous though =)

  2. I've been debating getting this, but I already have Hits Artemis, which looks quite similar. Maybe I should just go ahead and pick it up anyway since the Hits is quite small.

  3. yep old version much more holo. Still good to have an option

  4. I got this and it's the strongest holo I have. For $7 I was all in =)

  5. Oh wow, I've spent so long checking Shoppers for GOSH Holo, and today I just happened to pick up Layla Mercury Twilight, so now my linear holo dreams have been satisfied. Lawton's has their Layla Holographics on sale for $5, so it was actually cheaper than GOSH -- apparently Newfoundland is now swimming in affordable holos!

    1. $5 for Layla holos?! *runs to every Lawton's*

    2. Ha, right?! It felt like a mistake! There's no stickers up, but they're definitely scanning at $5 at the Avalon Mall Lawtons, and considering that's probably the least organized Lawtons, I assume the rest of them are doing it as well.

  6. Cool I'll keep my eyes open for this! :)


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