Monday, December 03, 2012

Review & Swatches - Color Club Winter Affair Collection

Hey everyone!

Another holiday collection for you today!

The one I have today is the Sally version of the Color Club Winter Affair Collection. I say Sally version because for some unknown reason, the set that's sold at Sally Beauty Supply has two shades that are different than those sold everywhere else. The have the same names, but the actual polishes are different. Plus, only the Sally version is scented. Weird, huh?

Swatches and review after the jump!

Berry and Bright is a gorgeous and glowy red shimmery foil polish. I'm not always a fan of reds, but when they're done like this I am! It smells like you would expect it to - like berries. But it's not too synthetic smelling or anything, it's just a nice berry scent. The formula was great and my swatch shows two coats.

Gift of Sparkle is a sparkly blue foil polish. This is one of the ones that has another version. And as much as I love a good blue foil, I've got a few already so I would rather have the other version of this shade - a purple glitter. The smell of this one is hard to pin down - it just has a sort of warm scent, if that makes sense. The formula was great and my swatch is two coats.

Glitter Wonderland is a shimmery purple base with blue and fuchsia microglitter throughout. The smell is another berry-ish scent, but more of a purple berry scent than a red berry scent, if that makes sense to anyone else besides me. This one starts out a bit sheer but it does build up nicely with three coats.

Ho-Ho-Holly is a really pretty green shimmer with heavy gold microglitter. I don't think I'll ever tire of this type of polish! The scent reminds me of a winter car freshener. The formula was good once again and my swatch shows two coats, but I might go for a third if I were wearing this as a full mani.

Snow-Flakes is a flakie topcoat. Nothing we haven't seen before, but pretty nonetheless. I've layered one coat over both Berry and Bright as well as Ho-Ho-Holly for you below. I like both looks, but I really like it over Berry and Bright!

Winter Affair is a gold foil polish. This is the second shade that has another version and I definitely wish I had the other version instead of this boring one. I've never been a huge fan of gold polish in general, but we've seen this exact shade of gold so many times before that I'm just over it now. Yawn. The scent is sort of like a warm vanilla sugary one.

Overall, this is a cute holiday collection, but I definitely want to get my hands on those non-Sally shades! To see the alternate versions of Gift of Sparkle and Winter Affair, check out this post by The PolishAholic.


  1. Gorgeous swatches as always! I have the scented collection too but I would actually prefer the non scented ones as the scented ones seem to give me a huge headache every time I use them -_- It stinks cuz I don't use these polishes as much as I would like :( But they really are so pretty!! :)

  2. Beautiful swatches Kayla!! I'm so glad I got this set too, I'm such a sucker for scented polishes and I think Color Club always does them really well!

  3. These are very pretty. I really like the red, blue, and purple ones. Might have to see about checking them out soon.

  4. These are all beautiful, but that purple really just glows! Gorgeous!

  5. Definitely need to hunt down the other versions of those 2 colors!

  6. I got the other version of this set at Winners!

    1. Oh cool! Thanks! I'll have to check out the two Winners in my area. :)

    2. No problemo! The other two colours are totally worth it!

  7. Amazing swatches I want them all

  8. That is a very pretty collection and looks great on your nails. I specially love the purple and the flakie (even though I probably have 2 that look the same lol)

  9. I love top coat. This is beautiful ;)

  10. so beatiful, I love glitter so much!!


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