Sunday, December 23, 2012

Seche - Collage

Hey guys!

I'm sure most of you have heard that Seche, the company behind the beloved Seche Vite Top Coat is now producing polishes as well! I haven't seen the full line in my area yet, but I did come across a small display of the glitter topper called Collage.

Seche Collage is a mixture of small and medium pink-hued holographic hexes, larger white hexes and holographic bar glitter in a clear base. I've shown it over both China Glaze Creative Fantasy and China Glaze Dance Baby.

The application was sort of tricky. The pink-hued holo hexes tended to clump together so I had to do some playing around with the brush in order to un-clump them. On top of that, the larger white hexes were quite elusive and I had to fish through the bottle to get any on the brush.

Over Creative Fantasy I showed two "coats" of Collage and I just showed one "coat" over Dance Baby. I would suggest waiting in between coats so that you don't pull at any of the glitters that are already in place.

Overall, I do like the finished look and it's a fun glitter topper, but it does require some work.

I found my bottle at Sally Beauty Supply in its own little display near the counter.


  1. Too bad for the application, it's really pretty.

  2. Great nail polish !
    And so so nice colors <3


  3. how pretty. it reminds me of sally hansen's strobe light mixed with in the spotlight. i love strobe light. it has that pink light glitter type of feel if you know what i mean.

  4. Honestly I don't like it at all, I think the chunky glitter is just too big. I think I would pass on this. Which is a shame because I do love their top coats!

  5. The perfect nail polish for New Year's Eve! :)


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