Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10 Nail Art Designs of 2012

Hi again!

You're getting a second post from me today because I want to get this up before the end of 2012!

These are my favourite manicures that I've done throughout 2012 and I've got to say, I had a super hard time narrowing it down! So much so that I was actually going to change this to a top 20 instead of top 10, but I did top 10 last year and I wanted to remain consistent. I did include an honourable mentions section so that I didn't feel like I was leaving out too many, though.

You can see the original post by clicking either on the photo itself or the title of the mani above the photo.

Let's take a look!

#10: Ikat Print
I did a lot of manicures during the 31 Day Challenge that I'm rather proud of, and this is one of them. I love the colours, the print and how easy it was to do. I'm definitely going to be doing more manicures like this but in different colours. I also have a tutorial for this design on my to-do list!

#9: Winter Wonderland
This is definitely one of my favourite Christmas designs that I've ever done so of course it had to be included here!

#8: Lightning Storm
This mani was a Pinterest Week creation and turned out to be my favourite of the designs I did that week.

#7: Neon Geometric
I love using neon polishes in my nail art designs, so I had to include at least one neon mani here, and this one was by far my favourite.

#6: Tropical Toucan
This little toucan is just too cute to not be included here!

#5: Hunger Games Book Cover
When I decided to do this Hunger Games design, I was nervous about attempting it because it's just so detailed. But I'm super happy with the way it turned out! And this is actually the design I wore when I went to see the movie!

#4: Nude & Purple Glitter Leopard Print
I do animal print manis all the time, so you're probably wondering why I chose this one in particular as my #4. Well, there's just something about the combination of nude, black and the deep purple glitter that I absolutely love. So the design itself might not be anything totally original, but I just love the colour combination and the glitter accent nail.

#3: Inspired by a Pattern
One of my favourites from the 31 Day Challenge is this mani which is inspired by my non-Christmas themed blog background. I like to use this now as my signature manicure so it's my profile picture on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. It just represents me so well that it had to be included here!

#2: Rainbow Ruffles
We all know that I love rainbow nail art and I did many rainbow manis throughout the year, but this one was my favourite of all of them. I was/am still proud of how cleanly I executed this ruffle design!

Drumroll please...

#1: Inspired by Art
This manicure is probably my favourite one that I've ever done, not just in 2012! It took a lot of effort, time and polish to achieve, but I think it was wholly worth it. Since it was a 31 Day Challenge mani, I only had it on for one day, but it was definitely a good day!

Honourable Mention #5: Tribal Print
This was my first ever attempt at a tribal manicure and I was pretty pleased with how it came together! I also really like the colours I chose.

Honourable Mention #4: Cute Hedgehog
How could I not include this mani somewhere in this post? Hedgies are my fave.

Honourable Mention #3: Halloween Polka Dots
This Halloween mani is super simple and not all that unique, but there's something about it that always catches my eye so I had to include it.

Honourable Mention #2: Rainbow Drips
Another rainbow mani! I've always loved the simplicity of drippy manis, and this is my favourite one that I've ever done.

Honourable Mention #1: Framed Floral
A stamping design! I got more into stamping this year, but I'm still a primarily freehand nail art kind of gal. But I really loved this monochromatic stamping design with the added border.

So those are my favourites! Did I miss any that you think belong here?

Have a fun and safe New Year's Eve everyone! See you again in 2013!


  1. These are all completely awesome - I agree with your pick for #1 one though, it has to be one of my all-time favourite manis, so beautiful.

    I can't get over how perfect your Winter Wonderland one is too, love it <3

  2. amazing manicure! Happy New Year!

  3. All these designs are so beautiful, the toucan one is adorable!!! Hope you have a wonderful new year :)

  4. I loved your picks, a lot of these are my favorites too. I especially loved your Nude & Purple Glitter Leopard simple but there's something about it! And of course I adored your artwork tree design.

  5. The hedgehog is so darn cute!
    I Really enjoy your manis, they are a big inspiration :)

  6. I loved all of these!
    From a fellow Newfoundlander (living away from the Rock), I'd love to see an NL-inspired tutorial. :)

  7. wow, so many awesome manis! toucan is the cutest though!

  8. all absolutely beautiful!

    I invite you to my blog

  9. Holy crap, girl! I was not following when you'd created your hunger games book cover mani! I freakin LURVE it!! Happy New Year!

  10. You got all my favourites in here! I love the little animals especially, I hope to see more of those! Happy new year <3

  11. I'm so inlove with number one and number 4... Really really pretty.

  12. Your number 1 is one of my very favorite manicures of all time too. So much so that I showed it off to my husband. I don't generally show him nail art except for my own, but yours was too fantastic to keep to myself.

  13. Lovely manis all of them, well done - and a Happy New Year!

  14. Wow, they're all amazing. You're so talented!! Happy new year! :)

  15. Happy new year!! Im soo glad I found your blog. I will never be able to recreate one of your designs, but still I just love to read your posts :-)

  16. Wow! Just wow. So many incredibly pretty manicures :D!

  17. I love them all! My favorite is the Lightning Storm!

  18. The Rainbow Drips one is AMAZING!

    ~ Jamie-Leigh

  19. First of all, happy new year!!!'s an hard choice. My favourite one, though, is your 31DC Inspired by Art mani. I love them all, but this one in particular is really breathtaking!!


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