Monday, December 17, 2012

Top 10 Polishes of 2012

Hi guys!

It's time for my Top Polishes of 2012! You seemed to enjoy this series last year so I thought I should make it a new tradition and continue to do it every year.

I will be switching it up just a little this year around, though. Last year I did a separate post for each of the top 10 polishes, but this year I'm just making this one big post with all 10 of my favourites in here. I think it's more visually stimulating this way and it'll be nice to have them all in one place.

So let's get started!

#10: Zoya Zuza is from the Surf Collection released this summer. It's a vibrant turquoise shimmer that's like nothing else I own. I love turquoise polish regardless, but the shimmer and vibrancy of this one makes it extra special.

Keep reading to see the rest of my top 10 picks from 2012!

#9: Candeo Colors Jellybean is a pale greenish yellow jelly base with small lime green, pink and bright green glitter pieces, as well as medium sized purple, pink and bright blue hex glitters. I think that 2012 was the year for indie polishes and this one is my absolute favourite indie that I own. It looks like speckled easter eggs! I've actually worn this manicure several times this year, and it's pretty rare for me to repeat a mani.

#8: China Glaze Love's a Beach is from the Summer Neons Collection, which is actually one of, if not my top favourite collection from any brand this year. I love neon polishes so much, and China Glaze did a phenomenal job with this collection. Truly, all of the shades are great, but this super hot pink neon with a touch of shimmer is my top pick from the collection.

#7: OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons was released with the Germany Collection and it's a simple nude creme. It doesn't necessarily seem like anything special, but it's the absolute perfect nude for my skin tone, and that's something I just can't ignore. It's become my absolute go-to nude shade and I've actually purchased a back-up shade, which is something I do very rarely.

#6: Orly Miss Conduct came out with the Naughty & Nice Collection and is a magenta pink with a scattered holographic finish. Holographic polishes started popping up a lot near the end of 2012 and that's continuing on into 2013, which I think is something we're all really excited about! This one in particular is just a really gorgeous shade of magenta that I think looks lovely with my skin colour and tone.

#5: Lime Crime Pistachio is a bright, yet still somehow pastel lime green creme. This bottle is actually a Christmas present (along with the rest of the collection), but my fiance let me swatch it early for the purposes of this post. Lime Crime made a huge splash into the nail polish community this year with their Les Desserts d'Antoinette Collection, which this shade was released as part of. Frankly, I love the entire collection so it was difficult to choose just one shade to put on this list. But I have a soft spot for this awesome green shade, so it stood out just a touch more than the others.

#4: Zoya Gilty is on the list as the best way of saying how much I love the gold leaf topcoat trend that emerged in 2012. This is the only one that I've tried, so it's the one that had to go on the list, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best one out there. I've shown it layered over OPI You Only Live Twice and China Glaze Running in Circles, which turned out to be quite a nice Christmas mani, don't you think?

#3: OPI You Only Live Twice was released as part of the Skyfall Collection and it's a stunning raspberry red glass fleck shade. I don't know what else to say about this besides the fact that it's just gorgeous. It's easily one of, if not the absolute best red polish that I own.

#2: Illamasqua Nomad is one of two polishes released with the Human Fundamentalism Collection and it's a gorgeous greenish turquoise creme. It's another one of those shades that's bright and vibrant, yet pastel at the same time. This shade is right up my alley and it's unlike any other turquoise shade I own.

Drumroll please...

#1: China Glaze Running in Circles is from the recent Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away Collection and this wonderful green glass fleck easily takes my #1 spot. Green is one of my favourite polish colours, and glass fleck is one of my favourite finishes, so this is a match made in polish heaven. And to make it even better, the formula is fantastic. Kudos, China Glaze.

It was super hard to narrow this list down, so I've also included a couple of honourable mentions that didn't quite make the top 10, but that I think are still worth mentioning.

China Glaze Riveting is from the Capitol Colours Collection (ie: The Hunger Games Collection). It's an electrifying, fiery orange with intense gold shimmer and a glass fleck finish. This year has made me love orange polishes more than ever before, and this polish is the primary reason.

KBShimmer No Whine Left is from the fall collection and it's a gorgeous dark plum base packed with a mix of blue, purple and fuchsia hex glitters in various sizes. Super unique polish. KBShimmer only landed on my radar near the end of the year, but I'm very intrigued by the brand. There's actually a number of polishes that I want from the recent Winter Collection, but I'm on a low-buy right now and trying to stick to it as best I can.

So here they all are! I think there's a good variety of colours, finishes and brands here!

I was surprised to see that Color Club didn't make any appearances here, but I do have the Halo Hues Collection on its way to me, so maybe something from that collection would have made it on here. But sadly, it's not going to be here by year-end to find out.

I'm also surprised at the lack of purple polishes in my top picks! Purple is one of my favourite polish colours, so I'd assumed there would be more here. The only one that comes close is KBShimmer No More Whine, but that definitely isn't a true purple, and it's only in the honourable mentions.

So do you agree with any of my top 10 picks? What's your #1 polish from 2012?


  1. Awesome choices!!! I love Miss Conduct!

  2. Nice choices! I was really curious about this post! I'm not a neon person LOL, but I love most of the shades you chose!

  3. I have Zoya's Zuza pretty indeed. Thanks for sharing your list.

  4. Wow, I just happen to have Zuza on my nails today! I'm loving it, as well. =)

  5. I love these lists! Lots of pretty polishes and lots of them that I don't have.

  6. Yay, a China Glaze came out on top! Not like I'm madly in love with them or anything ;)

  7. Great choices, such a lovely post!

  8. I love this top 10 kind of post! Sadly, I have no matches on your top 10 lol (maybe because I'm just starting my nail polish collection). BUT I have the Lime Crime on my wishlist (in fact, my BF has see me looking at swatches of it SO MUCH he said he'd get it for me as birthday gift :D).

    I look forward to see what your favorites will be through 2013~

  9. Great picks! I have Miss Conduct, and several others are on my wishlist. I think for me, I'd have more indies on my list. The majority of my purchases lately have been indie polishes.

  10. I love these top 10 lists, you picked some great polishes. Nomad will definitely be in my top 10 too :)

  11. Great list!!! Thanks for doing this!! And I'm right there with "Don't pretzel my buttons"!! I bought the mini in a set and it's the only nude I ever liked so I bought a full sized one too!!

  12. Great post! Going to be doing a top 10 on my blog now too!

  13. Love this list! Especially the Zoya Gilty. I love all the gold that's showing up lately! I've been experimenting with with DIY, but gold leaf is so tricky to work with...

  14. A great list!
    I have to admit, I'm a little surprised not to see OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls in it. The blogger community kept raving about it, so I had to buy it, and I'm glad I did!

    1. I actually don't own it! I missed the Spiderman Collection entirely, sadly.

  15. My 2012 #1 are... Zoya FeiFei & YSL premiere neige!!!
    Well, these are my fav ever! :D
    But I loved your list ^^
    I love this kind of posts ^^

  16. Love your picks. I have many of them and have still a lemming for the Jelly Bean by Candeo Colors. Not sure I have organized my mind around my own tops for this year,but among they would be some that also are on your list...the gold flake Guilty is there, I am thrilled over OPI You Don't live Twice being huge fuchsia fan but this one has this raspberry to it and it's done in a deeper hue that makes it so not summer but A-OK for winter which is hard to find a fuchsia that fits into that category. It has taken the top spot in winter fuchsia away from Don't Toy With Me, Let Me Entertain You, and also by OPI The One That Got Away (which has more glass fleck then Don't Toy With Me). I also love, love Orly Miss Conduct. I am a fan of ChG Riveting (gotta love all that glassfleck and the perfect orange that works even for those who think they don't like to wear oranges. I was slow to catch on to OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons but now that I have it, it also is a go to for me in nudes. I get it on even with no balding or streaking. Hard to find a good nude that works with one's skin tone and also has a great formula and never looks chalky. ChG Running in Circles is an amazing green - not sure I will love it as much after holiday and I am burnt out on the brighter greens - that said with Emerald being the new shade for 2013, I might find I feel OK about wearing a bright green that normally I would only wear at holiday and St. Patty's Day - it's taken the place for me from Zoya Ivanka. I also really like OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. No optic white there, yet the gray in it does not pull it into dirty white either. I am not a huge fan of neons but I did find I wore 2 of the ChG summer neons chronically this past summer. I am figuring the Lime Crime on your list is going to be huge next yr as well with as I said, the green thing being big (it won't be only emerald and I can see us wearing that lime shade which was super popular one yr mid of the 2000's - had crop pants in that same shade and I expect to see a whole new range of greens this coming yr hitting huge in fashion. Nice as green has been my fav shade (along with Yellow) since I was a little girl - was not the girl into pink or lavender bedrooms and all - mine was all in yellow and I still adore yellow sheets)! I wanted to love Zoya Zuza, but like other teals that are non cream finishes, this one just pulls my hands into a really odd skin tone. I don't know what it is about the aqua teals in non cream but I just cannot wear any of them. Again, thrilled to see your list - it's the first one I have seen. I used to look forward to a couple of bloggers tops in shades for the yr and 2 of them stopped blogging and one other not sure if they are going to go away or what - not much coming from her for months now. Thanks so much for all you do and your devotion to the polish fans out here. I love your swatches/reviews.

  17. You seem to really love greens!)

  18. Great list - Jellybean is such a gorgeous color, it's probably my favorite indie polish of the year!

  19. Beautiful polishes my fav. is Orly Miss Conduct <3

  20. Can't argue with any of these, great pulls on all fronts! (How is it the end of the year already?!!!)

  21. Great list. I can see several of my lemmings are on here :). Miss conduct has just arrived at my door and I can't wait to try it after seeing your swatches :) xx

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