Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Green Flakie Goodness with Nfu-Oh 56

Hi everyone!

Let's start 2013 off with a gorgeous flakie mani, shall we?

This beauty is Nfu-Oh #56 layered over Illamasqua Viridian. Nfu-Oh #56 is a sheer green base with lots of green flakies and microglitter. It does have a hint of a blue shift at certain angles, which is why I chose to layer it over Viridian, which is a green to blue shifting shimmer.

You'd think that I would be sick of green considering the time of year, but I'm really not! Although I did decide to add the black rhinestones in an attempt to not give off a Christmas-y vibe.

I've shown this manicure in both natural light and with the flash on, and I think the natural light allows you to really see the depth created by the flakies and the shimmer, while the flash photo shows off the brilliant green colour.

I've really got to do more layering combos with flakie polishes because I'm definitely missing out if this is any indication of the beautiful manicures that flakies polishes can create!


  1. Gorgeous, I love the colour shift at the edge of the nails, beautiful :)

  2. This polish is so pretty! And love that you added the studs...it adds a bit of an edge to the mani.

  3. I love flakies and this green one looks magical,gorgeous!

  4. I Love this mani, its gorgeous

    ~ Jamie-Leigh

  5. OMG I love this. I NEED some black rhinestones!

  6. oh wow that is one gorgeous flakie! and I love the little touch of the black rhinestones, doesn't feel Christmassy at all. Happy New Year Kayla! :) May 2013 vring lots of happy things and nail polish to you <3

  7. nice green, i shared to my Pinterest board What's New in Nail Art :)

  8. Love the touch of the black rhinestone and the mani look pretty awesome!

  9. so pretty! love the rhinestones. Happy 2013!


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