Friday, January 11, 2013

Review & Swatches - OPI Mariah Carey Collection

Hey guys!

We're still having a ridiculous blizzard over my way and although we lost power four or five times this morning, it's back now, but maybe not for long. So I'm going to get this post up as quickly as I can!

Today I have the new OPI Mariah Carey Collection to share with you! I'm a girl, who grew up in the nineties, thus I spent a lot of time listening to what I consider the classic Mariah Carey songs. She's even put out some pretty decent singles in recent years, too. So needless to say, the young girl in me was pretty excited about this collection.

Keep reading for the swatches and review!

This collection is split into two halves with the first four shades being called the "Studio Shades" and the final four shades make up the "Stage Shades". We'll look at the Studio Shades first.

A Butterfly Moment is peachy pink with lots of gold shimmer. I really didn't like the look of this in the bottle, but I dislike it less once on. It definitely still feels a little dated to me, though. The formula was really good and my swatch is two coats.

Anti-Bleak is a medium berry-purple creme. Not the most original polish I've ever seen, but the formula was excellent and it covered perfectly in two coats.

Pink Yet Lavender is a mix of small holo and lavender glitters and larger light pink hex glitters in a clear base. This is super pretty and I think it could work well over a lot of different colours. The formula was thick, but easy to work with and the glitter coverage was really good - my swatch shows just one coat over Anti-Bleak.

Sprung is a copper with lots of golden and fuchsia microglitter. This is super glowy, and although I'm not usually drawn to shades like this, this one is definitely my favourite from the first half of the collection. Plus, the formula was really good, although it does start sort of sheer, so my swatch shows three thin coats.

These next four polishes are the "Stage Shades" and they feature the "Liquid Sand" texture that seems to be a new trend starting up this year. Basically, the polishes dry to a matte, texture finish and they're meant to be worn without a top coat.

I've shown you three photos for each of these: the first shows them how they're meant to be worn - without a top, the second shows them with a top coat added and the third is a photo of them side by side without and with top coat. Let's take a look.

Can't Let Go is a grape purple with lots of purple hex glitters mixed throughout. The purple hex glitters give this some dimension, even when worn matte. The formula was thick, but easy to work with and this was the only one of the Liquid Sand shades that only needed two coats for full coverage.

Get Your Number is a bright medium blue jelly with lots of blue and holo glitter. The holo bits sparkle even without top coat, which makes for a really pretty sparkly, yet still matte effect. This one was a little bit sheer so I needed three coats to get the coverage you see below.

Stay the Night is a black jelly base with lots of small reddish pink glitters. When I was swatching this one, I showed it to my fiance and he said that it reminded him of molten lava, which I think is definitely true. The black jelly base is sort of sheer, so it did take three coats to build up. But the formula was good.

The Impossible is a bright, almost neon red-pink jelly base with hex and star glitters mixed in. This one might be my favourite of the Liquid Sands, but it's a tough choice because I really like them all. The star glitter in this one is extraordinarily elusive. I had to do A LOT of fishing to find these four pieces to show you. I even sat my bottle upside down before applying it, so I think you'll have to fish for those stars no matter what. This one was almost perfect at two coats, but I felt it needed a third thin coat for best coverage. The formula was really great and easy to work with.

A couple of thoughts/suggestions about the Liquid Sand polishes:
  • They seem to dry slower than a regular polish. I didn't leave any of them on for very long (yet), but I did test one out to see how long I would have to wait before it was dry to the touch. The result: about 20 minutes. And obviously, the more coats of polish you use, the longer the dry time will be.
  • They're definitely gritty feeling, but not to the point where it's going to hitch on your clothes and bedsheets.
  • If you're going to wear them with top coat, be prepared to use a couple of coats if you want a glossy finish. Or pick up some Gelous from Sally Beauty Supply and use a coat of that before adding your top coat.

Overall, I think this is a nice collection, but primarily because of the second half, because most of the first four "Studio Shades" are forgettable as far as I'm concerned.

For some reason I feel like I'm in the minority when I say this, but I absolutely LOVE the Liquid Sand polishes. All four of them. I love them all both with and without top coat. It's something new and different that I can add to my stash and I think the colours/glitters that OPI chose are really great. They could have just gone with plain colours and the textured finish, but the addition of all those different glitters really adds something extra to each shade. I don't want these to become overdone like crackle was a couple of years ago, but I would definitely like to see more of these released!

The OPI Mariah Carey Collection is a January release, so it should be available now wherever OPI products are sold in your area.


  1. I LOVE sprung. Great swatches!

  2. I like the liquid sand polishes better with top coat, which doesn't surprise me. I really want to try one of them and haven't gotten a chance yet! The dry time could get annoying though.

  3. I'm with you! I LOVE the liquid sands! I have Can't Let Go and it is so beautiful without top coat and with. I'll need to pick up more!

  4. Nice swatches! I have Stay The Night and LOVE it! I'm still in doubt wheter buying Can't Let Go. It's so pretty!

  5. Stay The Night is VERRRRRY similar to one of the Maybelline Studio glitter polishes they have out right now. This one looks a bit darker but the Maybelline one dries like sand as well! I wish I could get STN and compare! Fabulous swatches, as always!

  6. Amazing swatches, all of those polishes are beautiful!

  7. I love my bottle of Pink yet Lavendar! Best glitter I have found from OPI to date! :)

  8. Are the liquid sands hard to remove?

  9. I feel like I am going to love the Liquid Sands too, I bought all four of them but I am nervous for the removal ;) Also, I hear that OPI will be releasing more liquid sand polishes throughout the year.

  10. I have ordered 3 of liquid sand (not the red one) from ebay and I cant wait to try them on. I think they look very pretty and cool both with and without topcoat :-)

  11. I may have to go pick up stay the night

  12. I adore liquid sand Can't Let Go, Get Your Number and Stay The Night, so strange and gorgeous! :-)


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