Thursday, January 24, 2013

YouTube Nail Art Week - Grown-Up Floral Print

Hey guys!

Welcome to Day 4 of YouTube Week! I hope you've been enjoying this series so far!

Today's design is in pretty stark contrast to yesterday's bright, neon rainbow coloured one. This one is a bit more subdued and sophisticated. I love both styles, so I guess that makes me an equal opportunity nail artist, haha.

This design comes from user MrCandiipants, whose videos I really love. I knew I wanted to recreate one of her designs this week, but I had a really hard time picking because there's quite a few I want to try!

I don't own either of the polishes she used for her design, but I rummaged through my stash for similar shades. My base polish is Illamasqua Load, one of my all-time favourite polishes, and the print was done using OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow.

HTAT isn't totally opaque, so I did have to go over the print twice in order to get the colour payoff I wanted. That made this a lot more time consuming, so if you're going to give this print a try, I would definitely suggest using a polish that provides more opacity.

I love this print so much it's freaking ridiculous. I definitely need a little more practice at it since her original is a million times better than my recreation, but I'm happy with regardless.

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is fabulous!! I saw this tutorial online the other day and really want to try it myself! I think you nailed it! :D

  2. Pretty! It looks like this fancy wallpaper all the stylish hotels etc put up!

  3. Lovely and elegant! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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  5. Looks gorgeous! I love this design :)

  6. Wow! I understand why you love it! It's very pretty!


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