Friday, January 25, 2013

YouTube Nail Art Week - Pastel Puzzle Pieces

Hi guys!

It's Day 5 of YouTube Nail Art Week!

Today's recreation is a cute puzzle piece mani! It originally comes from user SimpleNailArtDesigns, and she definitely lives up to her username with this one because this design truly is a simple one to execute.

I decided to go with a light, pastel colour palette for my recreation of this design. The base is Sinful Color Snow Me White and then the other three puzzle pieces are done with Orly Frisky, Orly Lollipop and Illamasqua Purity.

I've got to be honest and admit that I didn't follow the tutorial entirely. She used tape to section off the squares but I didn't have the patience for that (good on her for having that kind of patience!), so I just used a striping brush and freehanded the sections.

I like the versatility of this design quite a bit. You can switch up the colour palette to suit your own style, to match an outfit or even an occasion. For example, I can totally see a Valentine's Day version of this using red, light pink, dark pink and white! You can also add some little details to the puzzle pieces such as some little hearts or polka dots. My mind is running wild coming up with different ways this design can be worn!

Thanks for looking!


  1. wow, this is really amazing. i like pastels inthis combo, but i can see it in neons too!

  2. I'm impressed by all the designs people come up with.This one seems one I could actually manage too :)

  3. Aww, this is too cute! And it really does look manageable :)

  4. Nice! It must also be beautiful with contrasting colors!

  5. Ooo, your Valentine's day idea for this is so cute! I can just imagine the whole, "You're my missing puzzle piece" idea. :)


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