Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review & Swatches - China Glaze Avant Garden Collection

Hi everyone!

I managed to get a good bit of swatching done yesterday, so you'll be seeing lots of new polishes this week! The first of which is the China Glaze Spring 2013 Avant Garden Collection. This collection offers twelve shades that range from soft pastels to vibrant pops of colour.

Keep reading for the swatches and review!

Budding Romance is a muddy brown-green jelly-creme. It's a very different colour, one that I definitely have nothing like in my collection. I like this much more on than I did in the bottle, but I'm still not a fan. The formula starts out sheer but builds up nicely with three thin coats.

Dandy Lyin' Around is a delicate shimmering white. This shade provides a nice way to wear white polish without it being too stark. It was a little patchy at first, but evened out nicely in three coats.

Fade Into Hue is a light periwinkle creme. It starts out sort of sheer but builds to opacity in three coats.

Fancy Pants is a blue-leaning purple with lots of glowy pink and iridescent shimmer. My camera didn't like this one at all, so just trust me that it's much prettier in person. The formula was great and my swatch shows two coats.

Keep Calm, Paint On is a light mint with subtle shimmer. This reminds me of China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint (one of my favourite CG shades), but with shimmer obviously. Definitely one of my top picks from the collection. The formula was great and I've shown two coats.

Life is Rosy is a medium rose creme. This looked a little dated to me in the bottle, but I ended up liking it more than I thought once I had it on. Application was smooth and easy and I needed two coats for full coverage.

Mimosa's Before Mani's is a coral-peach with subtle shimmer. First things first: am I missing something with this name? Is there a pun that I'm not getting? Because the name is very grammatically incorrect, but I can't make sense of why that is. Aside from that, I really like this colour. It's super pretty. And the formula was great, to boot. My swatch shows two coats.

Passion for Petals is red-pink creme. This didn't look like anything special in the bottle but I really loved it once on! The formula was excellent - very creamy and easy to apply. I've shown two coats below.

Pink-ie Promise is a light dusty pink with subtle shimmer. The shimmer in this one is even more subtle than it is with the other shimmers of the collection. Even in the bottle you have to look pretty closely to notice the shimmer. Despite that, the formula was great. My swatch shows two coats.

Snap My Dragon is a fuchsia-leaning shimmery red. Love this one. The formula was excellent and my swatch shows two coats.

Sunday Funday is a bright sky blue creme. I love blue cremes and I think China Glaze has been doing them very well lately (think Hanging in the Balance from the Cirque du Soleil Collection). The formula was great and my swatch is two coats.

Tart-y for the Party is a light lilac creme. Not particularly unique, but still very pretty. Great formula with this one and I've shown two coats below.

Overall, I'm really happy with this collection! My personal favourites are Keep Calm Paint on, Mimosa's Before Mani's, Passion for Petals, Snap My Dragon and Sunday Funday.

The China Glaze Avant Garden Collection is set to release in March 2013.

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  1. Nice colours but I don't get the name too (off the coral one).. :)

  2. :) I just bought the collection too, but I'm not so good with swatching as you are :) Nice clean swatches :)

  3. I'm in love with "Life is Rosy" <3 nice swatches!

  4. Beautiful swatches...as usual! I'm adding a few of these to my WL.

  5. the swatches are lovely but would be nice to give them more size so that they look better :)

  6. Firstly can i just say how well you paint nails. How do you find the China Glaze polishes paint? Did you use a base and top coat? We at www.nailidentity.com love the Keep Calm, Paint On.

    I'd be interested in sending you product to review. If this would be of interest please could you contact me at nailidentity@outlook.com

  7. Is the blue from this collection a dupe from the cirque de soliel collection? I have been wondering! Great swatches!

    1. Definitely not dupes, but they are similar. Hanging in the Balance is a bit deeper.

  8. Whenever I read about Mimosa's Before Mani's it makes me think of "Bros before Hoes", so if there is any other meaning it flew over my head.. but love the colour :-)

  9. Gorgeous swatches as always, I reaaallllyyyy need Tart-y For The Party haha

  10. Budding Romance is possibly the oddest color I've seen...my husband politely noted "pea soup" but for me it evokes thoughts of something much more disgusting!

    The rest of the collection is very pretty. Dandy Lyin' Around is a gorgeous take on the white mani...I think my stash has room for another white. :) I also need Tart-y for the Party: not only do I lack a great lilac shade but I love the play on words "tardy"/ "tart-y"--the former is usually more accurate when it comes to my party attendance habits!

    Mimosas before Manis (I refuse to add in the improper apostrophes!) is also gorgeous....the incorrect grammar and word order are both odd... Should most definitely be Manis before Mimosas!--polish certainly trumps adult beverages for me, and sobriety is typically needed for a perfectly polished mani!

  11. the coral one reminds me of peachy keen :D
    and essie tart deco


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