Friday, February 22, 2013

Review & Swatches - Color Club Halo Hues 2012 Collection

Hi everyone!

Holographic polishes have been making a serious comeback lately! I mean, it's not that we ever stopped loving them, it was more that companies pretty much stopped producing them. But they've started popping up again and I don't know about you guys, but I'm a pretty happy camper about it.

One brand that's jumping on the holo bandwagon is Color Club! In late 2012 they put out a six piece collection of holographic polishes and just recently they released yet another six piece holo collection. I managed to snag both collections, so today I'm sharing swatches of the first set with you.

Swatches and the review after the jump!

For each shade I have two pictures for you - the first is in natural lighting and the second is with flash so that you can really see the holographic effect. Honestly, they don't look like anything special in natural light, but with flash on, it's like BLAM! HOLO! As an illustration, here's how that goes:

I didn't use any sort of aqua fix base coat with these polishes. They're just done on my bare nails. If you want, you can use a buffing file to smooth out any ridges in your nails to ensure a smooth application. However, go easy with the buffer because too much buffing can weaken your nails. You'll notice that even tiny imperfections in the nail result in a less than perfect application when it comes to holo polishes. Case and point: on my middle finger I have a patch on a corner break. The difference in texture is noticeable in these photos, but not at all noticeable in any of the other swatch photos I've taken this week.

And although most times I show my swatches with top coat, these ones are without it. That's simply because top coat dulls the holo effect for a couple of minutes while it's drying, and I didn't want to wait after each swatch. But yes, the holo effect does return to full power once the top coat dried.

Ok that's more than enough babbling, let's move on to the swatches!

Angel Kiss is a pale blue-toned green linear holo. This is one of my favourites because we all know how I'm a sucker for teals.

Blue Heaven is a pale, icy blue linear holo. It looks very pale and silvery in natural lighting/shade, but once you get it out in the sun/under some direct lights, you can see that it's definitely blue.

Cherubic is a natural/tan linear holo. I love this one because the nude colour blends in with the skin and then you're left with this wonderful rainbow.

Cloud Nine is a pretty lavender linear holo. This seems to be a close relative of OPI's much coveted DS Original. From looking at photos online (because I'm too lazy to go get my bottle of DS Original), they don't seem to be exact dupes, but they're definitely close.

Halo-graphic is a medium pink linear holo. It actually leans a bit purple, which is I think why I love this one much more than I thought I would. In the bottles, Halo-graphic and Cloud Nine look very similar, but as you can see, they are definitely different once on.

Harp On It is the essential silver holo of the collection. I find it a little different than my other silver holos, though. It's like it's a bit softer around the edges or something.

I didn't talk about each of the formulas/application individually like I normally would because they were all basically the same. The formula was really easy to work with. In fact, these are some of the better holo formulas I've used. Also, each of them required just two coats to get the opacity you see in my swatches.

My one and only complaint about these is that we've seen these colours before. In fact, they're basically the exact same colours as the Nfu-Oh holos. Luckily, Color Club's 2013 Halo Hues Collection offers some more interesting shade options.

These are pretty widely available online. You can get them from Harlow & Co., Nail Polish Canada, 8ty8beauty as well as Color Club's website.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I had NO idea the dullness after applying a topcoat disappears again! Awesome :)

  2. Halo-graphic and Angel kiss are my two favourites, but the rest is also pretty convincing! :)

  3. Angel kiss, halo graphic and cloud nine are my favs!!!

  4. I think with the Halo Hues, topcoat doesn't dull the holo effect all too much (if at all). I currently have one of the polishes from the 2013 line on, and it's topcoated and everything. Still awesome!

  5. OMG OMG 0_0 o_0

  6. Yes, the best thing about Color Club holos is that they are awesome using normal basecoat/topcoat combos, and don't chip like the Layala and NFU ones. Only slightly less Wow! in sunlight, and much easier/cheaper to use. Love mine.

  7. I love holos and these are gorgeous! Beautiful swatches!

  8. I call this thought transfer because I did exactly the same: first the 2012 collection on my blog today and now busy swatching the 2013 ones :) What's a 2013 collection without the new one?

    I love your swatches! Really like this collection. I'm just a sucker for everything holo (if you haven't noticed: I tweet about your holo giveaway every single day...haha!).
    And my god how I LOVE the 2013 collection. Think that's because the shades are darker than the 'usual' holo's. Bet you agree with me on that.
    I'm looking forward to your swatches!

  9. They're are amazing under the sun light!


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