Monday, February 25, 2013

Review & Swatches - OPI Euro Centrale Collection

Good morning!

How was everyone's weekend? Mine wasn't very exciting - just some movies, pizza, swatching, etc. I love those kinds of lazy weekends, though!

Today I have another Spring 2013 collection to share with you. This time it's OPI's Euro Centrale Collection. There's quite a variety of colours and finishes with this one, as well as a bunch of very funny (read: PUNny) names.

Keep reading for the swatches and review!

A Woman's Prague-ative is a copper-gold shimmer. It's actually got a little bit of pink in the base which you can see when you apply the first coat. I wasn't expecting to like this very much, but I was so pleasantly surprised! It's so glowy and shimmery! Although I will say that it does seem like more of a fall shade than a spring one. The formula was great and my swatch is two coats.

Can't Find My Czechbook is a bright aqua creme. Now this one feels like spring! Love this colour. The formula however was a little thin and patchy, so it did require three coats to even everything out.

Hands Off My Kielbasa! is a rosy pink-brown shimmer. This one feels really dated and definitely un-spring like to me. The formula was on the thin side, but not difficult to work with. My swatch shows two coats.

I saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw is a dark blue, almost teal-leaning creme. Warning: this baby is a major stainer. I only had it on long enough to swatch and it still managed to stain. So I suggest doubling up on base coat before wearing this. The formula was great and I've shown two coats.

My Paprika is Hotter is a super bright red-orange with very subtle shimmer. I honestly didn't even know there was any shimmer until I started applying it, and even then it's barely noticeable. Either way, I really like this shade! It's bright and fun and I can definitely see it working well for nail art. To boot, the formula was excellent. I've shown two coats below.

My Vampire is Buff is a pale beige creme. This is the definite star of the collection for me. It's no secret that I'm really into nude polishes, and this is just so pale and creamy that I know I'll be using it for lots of nail art in the future. The one downside is that the formula is a little thin and patchy, so it does require three coats. Totally worth it for me, though. I'm actually planning to go back to my pro store and pick up a back-up (or two or three).

OPI...Eurso Euro is a deep royal blue creme-jelly hybrid. It applies like a creme and needing only two coats, it has the opacity of a creme. But it has that shiny, squishy look that's indicative of a jelly. Great colour, great formula.

Oy - Another Polish Joke? is a sheer, yellow-golden shimmer. Oh god, the name of this one just cracks me up. Kudos, OPI. Anyways, I'm not usually a fan of gold polishes, but this one is a stunner. I've shown it alone at three coats, but it's still not completely opaque (especially at the tips), so it's probably best to use it as a layering polish. I bet it would look especially awesome over any of the blues in this collection. consists of purple, teal and bright blue glitters in a clear base. I've shown it layered over Can't Find My Czechbook. This is definitely a fun addition to the collection!

Suzi's Hungary Again! is a medium pink with very subtle shimmer. As was the case with My Paprika is Hotter, I wasn't even aware that there's shimmer in this shade until I started to apply it. And again, it's still barely noticeable then. Regardless, this is a pretty colour for spring. Application was a little patchy, so it did require three coats to even everything out.

Vant to Bite My Neck? is a deep eggplant purple creme. Not totally unique, but I always love a good purple creme because they're great for nail art! The formula was excellent and my swatch shows two coats.

You're Such a Budapest is a light lilac with very subtle shimmer. Here's that barely there shimmer that we've seen a couple of times in this collection. The formula was patchy and streaky so I needed to use three coats to even everything out. The colour is super pretty though - very appropriate for spring.

Overall, I'm a really big fan of this collection. It's actually my favourite Spring 2013 collection of all the ones that I've tried! It's hard to pick favourites, but I'll narrow down my top picks A Woman's Prague-ative, Can't Find My Czechbook, My Paprika is Hotter and My Vampire is Buff.

The OPI Euro Centrale Collection officially released on February 6, 2013, so you should definitely be able to find it wherever OPI is sold in your area.


  1. Great swatches! And oh how I love!

  2. I agree the is amazing.

  3. My favourites are Suzi's Hungary again, My Paprika and Lovely colors! But I am not happy to hear that most of them are thin and patchy...

  4. I think it's a very fun collection. :)

    One question, though: Is My Vampire is Buff similar to Lime Crime's Milky Ways? A lot of people have been making the same comments about both polishes, but I haven't seen anyone actually compare the two.

    1. I haven't done an on-the-nail comparison, but after holding my bottles up next to each other, I'd say that they're pretty darn close. Milky Ways is a touch whiter/paler, while My Vampire is Buff is just a bit more beige. I love the colour so much that I'm happy to have both in my stash, but I wouldn't say that it's necessary to own both. :)

  5. Beautiful swatches as always, Kayla! I think my personal favourites are Czechbook, Vampire is Buff, and Hungary Again--and I love that should look great with quite a few from the collection too!

  6. was the one that sold me right away and it was the only one I picked up from the collection but the more I see swatches from the collection, the more I want them. Particularly Where's My Czechbook. (God, I feel silly every time I saw any of the names from this collection, they're so corny!)

  7. I really like the majority of the polishes in this collection but my favourites being, eurso euro, warsaw and vant to bite my neck.

  8. I love Can't Find My Czechbook and

  9. I'm most looking forward to Oy - Another Polish Joke?, but the rest look fun too! all in all a very colorful collection :)

  10. As always, fab swatches! I chose to purchase six shades of this collection. They need to be swatched yet. After seeing yours I can tell I picked the ones I thought I'd love the most :D

  11. One of the nicest collections that I like EVERY color in a while. I've got Suzies Hungary Again/Polka on fingers and Eurso Euro/Polka on many compliments. Wearing flip flops around house in dead of winter just so I can look at them and smile.


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