Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sation - Assorted Swatches

Hi guys!

We're having a snowstorm here today, so my original plans to run a few errands have fallen through. Instead I get to stay home and tackle more of my to-swatch bin! I always feel so productive when I get a lot of swatching done. I just hope that the weather doesn't get so bad that Canada Post stops delivering mail today. I'm waiting on so much nail mail and I'm getting impatient!

Anyways, Sation is a new brand to me, but I've seen swatches on a few of my favourite blogs (like Nailed It and Let Them have Polish), and I've always been interested in trying some for myself. So when I was contacted by Sation and asked to do some swatching for them, I jumped at the chance!

Cast a Spill On You is a medium blue shimmer from the recent Candylandia Collection. This one is super opaque - you could definitely get away with just one coat if you apply it carefully enough. I used two just in case.

Ego-Friendly is from the I Love Miss-Self Collection and it consists of small green hex glitters, bright lime green and black shards and scattered silver shards. Boy, this is a unique one! I've shown two coats here layered over Illamasqua Milf. The formula was a little thick, which is to be expected from glitter polishes like this.

Miss & Makeup is also from the I Love Miss-Self Collection and it features small holo glitters (both hex and bar), larger black and silver shards and then there's also larger pink hexes. Another unique one here! I've shown two coats over Sation Queenie in a Bottle, which can be seen on its own below. I think this would work really well over a bunch of other colours as well! I can definitely picture it over a grey creme.

Lollipop! Goes the Princess is another from the Candylandia Collection and it is a very pale blue-toned purple creme. It's almost periwinkle, actually. Very pretty and perfect for spring. Great formula with this one and my swatch is two coats.

Queenie in a Bottle is a blue-toned hot pink creme from the Candylandia Collection. Surprise favourite right here! I always prefer the blue-toned pinks because they tend to work better with my cool skin tone. This one dries to a flat finish so you'll definitely want to add top coat. It has a great formula and my swatch shows two coats.

Tall, Dark & Has Some consists of small black and blue glitter and larger bright blue and black shards. I've shown one coat over Cast a Spill On You, which in hindsight wasn't the best layering combo because it camouflaged the blue shards. I'll have to layer it over something else for you to better see those. Maybe a nude creme? Or a yellow? I think they would both work really well.

Overall, I really like all of these shades and it was definitely a good first taste of Sation for me. My interested is piqued and I'll be sure to check out my local Winners stores to see if they have any other colours in stock.

Sation polishes can be purchased from their online store and they retail for just $5 each (except for the I Love Miss-Self series, which are each $7). As I said above, they can also be found in select Winners stores in Canada.

The product(s) in this post were provided by the manufacturer or their PR in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Tall Dark and Has Some looks really cool over a yellow like Zoya Pippa

  2. My, my, what a surprise! Not sure what I'm gonna be wearing during spring, though, my sunshine mood can't get through the smog clouds! I'm an absolute fan of Cast a Spill On You, haven't got a blue shade this blue yet.

  3. My, my, what a surprise! Not sure what I'm gonna be wearing during spring, though, my sunshine mood can't get through the smog clouds! I'm an absolute fan of Cast a Spill On You, haven't got a blue shade this blue yet.

  4. These are gorgeous! I really like Ego-Friendly the most.

  5. Ego-Friendly is fabulous! Lollipop! Goes the Princess and Tall, Dark & Has Some are beautiful! :-)

  6. I've seen this brand about as well. I think most of these polishes are nice like queenie in a bottle but the glitters are definitely unique. In the bottle, ego-friendly reminds me of grass.

  7. Oh man, the Winners locations here have been sapped lately - for the last year and a half it was my go-to place for Seche Vite, Color Club sets and some Orly and Zoya but these days there are barely any polish on the shelves. It makes me a sad panda. I would love to see any of these in Winners!!!

  8. Ego-Friendly looks stunning!! I want it so bad!

  9. Ego-friendly looks cool! :)

  10. I love all these colors. I am just starting to enjoy doing my nails..
    I started a blog up myself as I would like to get better at it. If anyone can take a peek at it and give me some input on my freshly painted nails, that would be great =) I enjoy reading all these posts from everyone, gives me inspiration. My husband has become an enabler, which over the past week he must have bought me 50 polishes lol.. Please check out my blog..


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