Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shimmer Polish Swatch Spam - Part II

Hi guys!

Today I'm continuing on with more Shimmer Polish spam! If you missed Part I, be sure to check it out so you don't miss seeing any of these awesome polishes.

Jennifer consists of light blue, light purple, copper and scattered black glitter in a clear base. This is such an interesting shade! I love the touches of copper, especially. I've shown one coat layered over OPI...Eurso Euro. The formula was excellent and all of the glitters flowed nicely.

Mary is a raspberry red jelly base packed with magenta, holographic and black glitters. This one has my heart. If I didn't go through names in alphabetical order, I would save this one for last because it's definitely my favourite. The colours go beautifully together and there's so much depth within the layers. I've shown three coats here and that didn't feel at all thick because the formula was so great.

Natalie is a mix of blue, copper, gold and iridescent glitters in a clear base. I've shown one coat over OPI My Vampire is Buff, and I'm so freaking in love with this combo! The nude really shows off the blue and gold glitters, which is a classic combination. I had to remove this in order to finish the rest of my swatching, but you can bet that I'll be wearing this as a full mani very soon.

Rochelle consists of gold, red and holographic glitter in a clear base. My photo shows one coat layered over OPI My Paprika is Hotter. This is such a fiery combination! Love it. And as I've now come to expect, the formula was great.

Sophie features red, pink, purple and iridescent glitters in a clear base. I chose to layer it over OPI Suzi's Hungary Again!, which I think makes a really pretty and spring appropriate mani. Again, the formula was excellent and my swatch shows just one coat of Sophie over SHA.

Tiffany is a mix of light pink and blue glitters in a clear base. I've shown it here over OPI You're Such a Budapest. I like this one a lot - it's so delicate and pretty and feminine. I also think it would be the perfect polish to wear to a baby shower!

Is it possible to have a crush on a polish brand? I think now that I've tried quite a few Shimmer shades, I can safely say that this has easily become one of my favourite indie brands. Beautiful colours, phenomenal formulas, and any other adjectives that just describe how great this brand is.

Also, new goal for me: to have a Shimmer shade named after me! No brands that I know of have a polish named Kayla, not even Zoya! And come on, it's not that uncommon of a name! They do have a Shivon, which is close to my middle name Shevonne, but definitely not close enough. I want a polish named Kayla!

Shimmer Polish is available via the Shimmer Polish Etsy shop. Each shade retails for $12. And you can keep up with Shimmer Polish on Facebook here.

The product(s) in this post were provided by the manufacturer or their PR in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I want Mary! Just cuz it's my name, but it surprised me when I saw they had it because it's not commonly used. I bet they'd make you a Kayla!

  2. You do such beautiful swatches! I want them all :)

  3. Gorgeous glitters but I like Jennifer the most, I think it's because you paired it with a nice base. They work well together.

  4. Thanks for swatching Tiffany. It's gorgeous. My name is Tiffany, so it's definitely on my list of polishes to get.

  5. I love those colors! especially the Natalie one(wink wink!)! So gorgeous! :)

  6. Again, lovely swatches! I really like the colors that you chose for the base :)


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