Thursday, March 07, 2013

A Few butter LONDON Swatches

Hey guys!

First of all, I've announced the lucky winner of my Layla Hologram giveaway! You can head over to the NbKS Facebook page to see who it is!

Today I'll be showing you a few swatches from my new brand crush: butter LONDON. When I went on my little vacation to Halifax, I was super excited to go to Sephora and purchase my first ever butter LONDON polishes. But boy was I disappointed when I walked in and realized that that particular store doesn't carry bL.

So when I got home, my friend Jini placed a Sephora order for me (like I said before, everything is much cheaper on the US site than the Canadian one) and I finally got to try my first butter LONDONs. And now I'm obsessed. I don't know what it is, but I now want every single butter LONDON polish!

For now, let's take a look at the ones I do own.

Disco Biscuit is a bright pink/magenta jelly base with iridescent microglitter. I always love bright polish and this one definitely fits that bill! I'm sure I'll be pulling this one out for the summer season. I found the formula really good, although the jelly base doesn't allow for absolute full opacity. My swatch shows three coats and there's still a little VNL. Personally I don't mind a little VNL for a shade this pretty, but you'll have to judge that for yourself.

Fiver is a light icy turquoise creme. The bL website describes this as a mint, but I found it to be more in between a blue and green, so I'm calling it a turquoise. And you know how much I love turquoise! This polish actually matches the feather in my blog header quite nicely! Application was a little patchy at first, but it evened out nicely after three thin coats.

Lovely Jubbly is a wonderful explosion of primarily fuchsia glitter, as well as gold, red and blue glitter. All of the glitter pieces are small and they're very densely packed in clear base. I've shown just one coat below over a black creme base, but I think this could work beautifully over a bunch of other colours. Purples, pinks, red, blues, etc. You could also build this up on its own, but I prefer to layer to preserve polish.

Trout Pout is a wonderful cantaloupe/coral creme. Oh my word, I love this. The colour is just perfect. It's an absolute must-have in my opinion! It's also one of those shades that's going to look flattering on absolutely every skin colour/tone. I'm definitely going to need a back-up of this one! And if you're not already convinced that you need this in your stash, the formula is excellent to boot. My photo shows two coats of Trout Pout.

I also ordered butter LONDON The Black Knight, but I wasn't satisfied with my photos of that one, so I'll re-swatch and post it at a later date.

butter LONDON polishes are available at the bL website, Sephora as well as Nail Polish Canada.

So, do any of you have a brand crush? What's that one brand that you just feel the need to own all of their polishes? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love it! :) Disco Biscuit and Trout Pout are my favourite.

  2. I love Trout Pout. Look very nice

  3. I just got Fiver (and Jasper and MollyCuddled) - it's gorgeous.
    Lovely swatches, all of them!

  4. So gorgeous! I especially lover Fiver and Trout Pout x

  5. Even though I don't care too much for pinks or oranges, I loved Trout Pout after trying it on. I think it looked flattering on my dark skin tone. I looked into a less expensive option and found that Sinful Colors Island Coral is very close.

  6. Oh, and I find that Sally Hansen Rock Star Pink and NYC Big City Dazzle both look like Bubbly Jubbly in the bottle. The formula for the NYC is definitely more sparse, but the SH looks pretty comparable to the Butter London.

  7. oh i want fiver! i've heard the formulation of trout pout is streaky.

  8. Trout Pout is my most favorite polish I own!! I am crazy for butter London!

  9. I am loving BL lately! I try my best to find dupes first though, some are just so unique though. I do know Sally Hansen Rock Star Pink is a total dupe of Lovely Jubbly :-)


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