Friday, March 22, 2013

Sweet Tips Nails - Assorted Swatches

Happy Friday!

What does everyone have planned for the weekend? I've obviously got a busy weekend ahead of me with the engagement party on Sunday! I'm spending tonight making/decorating cookies and tomorrow I'm setting up tables, chairs, decorations, etc and then doing my nails in the evening. You know I'm going to have some cute engagement nail art to show you!

Anyways, today I have a few polishes from the indie brand Sweet Tips Nails. I have the pleasure of knowing the gal behind the brand, Jen, and she's super sweet. I definitely think her brand deserves some more attention! Check out a few swatches below to see what you think!

Foil Wrapped Eggs is a clear base that consists of metallic blue, green, pink, purple and gold hex glitters as well as small silver slices and shards. The inspiration is clear from the name, and I think Jen nailed it. This reminds me so much of those little foil wrapped eggs that usually pop up in stores during the Easter season!

Because I wanted to keep with the sort of metallic look, I decided to layer Foil Wrapped Eggs over Hard Candy Bity Blue and I'm so in love with this combo! The formula was easy to work with, although I did have to push a few of the hexes around with my brush so that there would be an even distribution on the nails. I only needed one coat to get the glitter coverage you see below.

Macaron is a clear base that's packed with a beautiful mix of pink, gold, and pastel green glitters. The glitters are all different sizes and shapes - there's hexes, squares and my favourite, circles! It's such a fun polish, while still remaining pretty and delicate at the same time, much like the sweet French confection that inspired the polishes.

I've shown Macaron over Hard Candy Little Bo Pink and although I really like the combination, I know that Macaron will work over a variety of other shades as well. White, peach, a light teal green, etc. The formula was easy to work with and I only needed one coat to get the glitter coverage you see below.

Robin's Egg is a soft, light blue base with subtle gold and green shimmer and brown, gold, copper and blue glitters in different shapes and sizes. There's hexes of varying sizes as well as circles. Wow, I really love this! It looks so much like a Robin's egg! It's a full coverage polish, so there's no need for a base polish underneath. My swatch shows just two coats of Robin's Egg on its own, and the formula was really great.

Overall, I really like each of these polishes! It's obvious to me that a lot of thought goes into Jen's polishes because she's managed to absolutely nail the inspiration for each one. And how adorable are the labels? So cute!

Oh and I should mention that Jen also sent me a mini cuticle oil to try out (it's birthday cake scented!) and that worked really well. I'm usually more of a cuticle balm user than cuticle oil, but I'll definitely be using up this bottle of oil. She also offers lip balms and jewelry, as well!

Sweet Tips Nails polishes and other products can be purchased from the Sweet Tips Nails etsy store.

The product(s) in this post were provided by the manufacturer or their PR in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Beautiful combinations. The first one looks just like its name.

  2. What cute and fun polishes!

  3. Robin's egg is my fave. Very young and sweet!

  4. Beautiful! I can't wait to see the engagement nail art :D x

  5. I love love love what you did with these Kayla! Thank you so much for swatching my polishes and giving such a lovely review! XO Jen


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