Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When Brands Unite, Magic Happens - Featuring piCture pOlish, Zoya and OPI

Hello fellow polish lovers!

Today is Wednesday, so of course I have another piCture pOlish shade to show you! The one I chose to show today is called Splash and it consists of gorgeously bright cyan blue hex glitters in a clear base. It's very similar in style to Ariel's Tale which I showed you a few weeks ago.

Splash is a glitter topper, so I went searching for an "underwear" that would create a really cool mani while still showcasing the beautiful blue glitters. I happened to have just finished swatching the Zoya PixieDust Collection (I'll have a full review/swatch post soon) and I got it in my head that Splash might look interesting over a textured polish. So I tried it out over Zoya Dahlia and the result was pretty awesome!

But I wasn't finished there. Even though the PixieDust shades are matte, adding Splash took away a little of that flat finish, so I wanted to add it back. And since I just tested out the new OPI Matte Top Coat, I thought that would be perfect.

Ok so it's not really magic that happens like the post title suggests, but the resulting mani is really awesome, don't you think?

In regards to formula/application, Splash was perfection. The glitters brushed on smoothly and they distributed nicely so I didn't have to do any placing. I've shown two coats of Splash over Dahlia, but the formula is so great that you could even add another coat if you wanted more of the blue glitters and it still wouldn't feel thick.

piCture pOlish is available online at the piCture pOlish store. They do ship internationally, but there's also many network members all over the world whom you can purchase from. Refer to the Network Members List for a complete list of where you can find piCture pOlish. Also, be sure to check out all of piCture pOlish's social media links:


Thanks for looking! And check back next week for another great piCture pOlish shade!

Some of the product(s) in this post were provided by the manufacturer or their PR in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Looks awesome :)

    Def need to try this! =D :)

  2. Oh there's still some magic there. :)
    Really pretty!

  3. Very cool! Love the glitter+texture combo!

  4. It's actually stunning!! soo beautiful x

  5. Gorgeous!^^ I'm really tempted to purchase Zoya PixieDust..but the whole set will blow my budget ): Do you have a must have Zoya shade to recommend from this collection? (:

    1. Chyna is my definite favourite! It's such a sexy shade of red!

  6. Looks awesome! Magic indeed :D


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