Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review & Swatches - Hard Candy Glitteratzi Collection: Part I

Hey everyone!

Of the five new Hard Candy Collections that were recently released, I've already showed you polishes from four. Today I have Part I of the final collection called Glitteratzi, which consists of nine glitter bomb polishes. Check out four of them below!

Fire Flash consists of small coppery-orange hexes with scattered larger pink hexes. The formula was good and my swatch shows three coats.

Mermaid Magic features bright teal hex glitters with larger purple hex pieces throughout. Turquoise and purple - no surprise that this one is my favourite of the bunch. The formula was pretty easy to work with and my swatch shows three coats.

Party Lights is a mix of consistently sized blue-purple, green and gold glitters. The formula was the thickest out of all of them and I did have to go back after three coats to fill in a couple of bald spots.

So So Sequin consists of fine pink-silver and holo glitters with larger blue hex glitters throughout. This is another favourite. The formula was the best out of these four and I used three coats to get the coverage you see below.

Overall, these are really fun shades and I like that they all reach opacity on their own. One thing to beware of is removal because it's pretty rough going. I only had each of these on long enough to swatch and I still hard a hard time with removal. This is to be expected from glitter bombs like this, but I definitely suggest using the foil method of removal for these polishes.

Here's a quick recap with links to the previous Hard Candy posts:

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The Hard Candy Crystal Confetti Collection, as well as the other four collections, are all available at Wal-Mart stores and each shade retails for $3.97 each.

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  1. That must have been the biggest PITA to take off... Gorgeous swatches.

  2. Great swatches :) There all so pretty!

  3. Party Lights and So So Sequin are gorgeous!

  4. I love all of Hard Candys new colors!! They are all SO pretty!!

  5. I love Mermaid Magic! It's so pretty!

  6. I really loved So So Sequin. I am loving your swatches. xx

  7. Gorgeous swatches, as usual :) Mermaid Magic is my fave!

  8. Thanks for the swatches! I already bought some Hard Candy polishes, but seeing your swatches makes me want to go get them all.


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