Monday, April 08, 2013

Shimmer Polish Swatches - Part III

Hey everyone!

Today I have the third and final set of Shimmer Polish swatches to share with you! If you missed Parts I and II you can check them out here and here.

Airiann consists of pale pink, gold, iridescent, red and scattered black glitters in a clear base. I've shown one coat layered over Jade Flamingo, which I think is a fantastic combo! Looking at the bottle, I didn't think Airiann would be one of my favourites, but I really really love it. The scattered black glitters really add that extra something.

Amy is a clear base packed with pink, iridescent, blue and red glitters. My swatch shows just one coat over Jade Pink Pop. Very pretty.

Cindy is a sheer magenta base packed with lots of bright red and holographic glitter. I think this might be my favourite of all the Shimmer Polish shades I've tried! Or it's at least a close second after Mary. Who'd have thought my favourites would both be reds? Not me! This is three coats of Cindy and the formula is excellent - it builds up very nicely.

Cristina consists of teal, blue, green, red, gold and black glitters all in a clear base. This baby is complex, but the colours all go so well together. I especially love the pop of red glitter. I've shown one coat of Cristina layered over Jade Black Jack below.

Linna features blue, green, silver, gold and red glitter in a clear base. This one is similar to Cristina, but it's overall look is lighter and brighter than Cristina. The glitter also feels slightly more dense in Linna than Cristina. Both are beautiful, but I wouldn't say it's necessary to own both. My swatch shows one coat of Linna over Jade Alga Marinha.

Sarah is a clear base packed with gold, blue, purple and green glitters. This is a very peacock-ish colour, so you know I'm a fan! I've shown Sarah layered over Jade Branco Absolute.

Overall, I'm super happy with all of the Shimmer Polish shades I've tried. As I've said before, it's clear that Cindy puts a lot of thought into creating her polishes because each one is so complex. Formula wise, I didn't have any problems with any of the 20 shades I tried! Each one is very glitter dense and applies beautifully. It's an indie brand that I'll definitely put my Kayla Shevonne stamp of approval on!

Shimmer Polish is available via the Shimmer Polish Etsy shop. Each shade retails for $12. If you're not in the US shipping can be pretty steep, so Shimmer Polish is also available from Harlow & Co. for us Canadian and international ladies.

The product(s) in this post were provided by the manufacturer or their PR in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Great Shimmer swatches and review on them! They all look amazing and I need to get my hands on some now :D

  2. Cindy and Cristina, please come to me... :) Ok, the other shades can join too.

  3. I love all of these so much. So much glitter!

  4. These are all so gorgeous! I can't even choose a favorite.

  5. Oh my I started drooling over Linna and Sarah.

  6. Love it!!! Cristina is my favorite.


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