Monday, May 27, 2013

Review & Swatches - Models Own Fruit Pastels Collection

Good morning!

I've been lemming the Models Own Fruit Pastels Collection since it first came out, but it sold out quickly from Harlow & Co., so I was (im)patiently waiting for it come back in stock. Nail Polish Canada started carrying it during that period, but I found out too late and by then two shades had sold out. You can imagine my frustration.

So when Harlow & Co. got it back in stock, I didn't hesitate to place an order. With all that said, today I'm showing you swatches of all five scented pastel shades!

Apple Pie is a light mint creme. This is a really pretty colour that's right up my alley, although the formula left something to be desired. It started off patchy, which can be the case with a lot of pastel cremes, but it continued to be patchy after each additional coat. On top of that, it didn't self-level very well. Needless to say, it took some work (and three coats) to get a smooth and even finish. I wouldn't say the scent reminds me of apple pie, it's more like a light green apple scent.

Banana Split is a light lemon creme. This reminds me of one of my all-time favourite pastel polishes, China Glaze Lemon Fizz. This one however is a little paler and milkier, which I really like. The formula was disappointing, though. It was patchy with every coat and took four coats to even everything out. The scent is a light and fresh banana one.

Blueberry Muffin is a light sky blue creme. The formula of this one was better than the first two, although still finicky and a bit patchy. I used three coats for my swatch. The scent is a light blueberry one, although not necessarily blueberry muffin-y.

Grape Juice is a light lilac creme. I like this one a lot - it's a very feminine colour. The formula was the best of the bunch, although it did still require three coats for full coverage. The scent is a nice grape one.

Strawberry Tart is a light milky pink creme. This was a surprise favourite for me! There's something about it that makes it unique in my collection. I think it might be the milky base. Whatever it is, I really like it. The formula was one of the better ones, although it was still a bit patchy and did take three coats. The scent reminds me of those marshmallow strawberry candies.

Even considering the formula issues, I still really like this collection. I just think the colours are so light and pretty! The fruity scents also add a cute touch.

The Models Own Fruit Pastels Collection is available online from many different retailers. For UK residents, you can get them direct from the Models Own website. They do ship internationally, but it's definitely more economical to buy from a distributor if you're not in the UK. Other distributors include Harlow & Co., Nail Polish Canada and Ninja Polish.


  1. Good lord, I've seen these many times in store in the UK and all but the colors looked really mute/light so stayed away but these look sooooo damn gorgeous on you X_x The 3 coats seem to do well.

  2. I recently found myself loving pastels and since Lime Crime ones are now impossible to find (here in Europe) I'm lemming these ones!
    Thanks for swatching, they're all gorgeous *__*

  3. Ooooh, now I need them too <3 How beautiful are they! Damn, why do I need ALL of the pastels I see? =)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I really like your swatches! you always make the polish look so pretty :-)

    I really like theese polishes but it's a bit disapointing that they don't cover well, I'd hoped they would, so I think I'll save my money for some other polishes perhaps ;-)

  6. I think the colors in this collection are so beautiful!

  7. How gorgeous! Such a shame the formulas are better. The thought of scented nail polish is SO intriguing! I really love Apple Pie, Grape Juice and Strawberry Tart!

  8. I would love a polish that smells good, not like chemicals. Great swatches!

  9. I am in love with pastel nail polishes, but I have such a difficult time finding them! These are all beautiful, the lilac one is definitely my favourite.

  10. Ooh you totally just made me put these on my wish list. They look gorgeous on your nails and even though you said some of the formulas were iffy, the scents are intriguing. Thanks for the swatches!

  11. This collection is so pretty >.<


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