Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review & Swatches - OPI Couture de Minnie Collection

Good morning!

Today I've got the new OPI Couture de Minnie Collection to share with you! Last year OPI released a Minnie Collection and very sadly, I never did pick up any of the polishes from that collection. I definitely want to get my hands on them some day, but for now the new Minnie Collection will suffice! Check out all five shades below.

A Definite Moust-Have is a medium pink with slight coral undertones and subtle, pearly silver shimmer. The shimmer is pretty subtle, but you can definitely see that pearly look at all times. The formula was excellent and I've shown two coats in my swatch.

Chic From Ears to Tail is a light pink with subtle silver shimmer. The formula was decent, albeit a little patchy. My photo shows three coats.

Innie Minnie Mightie Bow is a gorgeous candy apple red with gold and fuchsia shimmer throughout. Unless in direct lighting, the shimmer is on the subtle side, but it's definitely there. The formula was fantastic and it's almost a one-coater, although I did use two for my swatch.

Magazine Cover Mouse is another of OPI's Liquid Sand shades, which as you might know, I'm a big fan of. This one is a red-orange with lots of gold and fuchsia microglitter. It's similar to OPI Jinx from the Bond Girls Collection, but much more red. The formula was amazing and I've shown two coats below.

Minnie Style consists of red, pink and white hex glitters in a clear base. Style-wise, it reminds me a lot of OPI The Living Daylights from last year's Skyfall Collection. I've shown it below layered over Chic From Ears to Tail. The glitter payoff was really good - I only needed one coat to get the coverage you see. The formula was also good, but I did find that the glitters wanted to stick together, so I did a little pushing with the brush to get them to sit where I wanted them to.

Overall, I really like this collection. I'm not normally a red/pink gal, but OPI always seems to nail those colours so well that I can't help but love them all. I'm a fan of all five shades, but if I have to pick favourites, I'd go with Innie Minnie Mightie Bow, Magazine Cover Mouse and Minnie Style.

The Couture de Minnie Collection is set to release in June.

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  1. Love Innie Minnie and Minnie Style. I can't do the pink though, because I always feel like bubblegum pink just makes my hands look dirty.

  2. Love that pink shade!

  3. From the Chic Ears Tail is charming!

  4. This makes me so excited and happy that I ordered them last week! They are SO PRETTY! My order comes in Friday...which, as you know, is SO FAR AWAY lol Love the swatches as always!

  5. I think I might need to get my hands on that liquid sand - it's really pretty!

  6. This collection is really cute!

  7. Minnie Style is brilliant, I'd love to have it. <3

  8. I need Innie Minnie and Magazine Cover Mouse! They are absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Awesome colors, m in love with pink, lovely collection!

    Hand care

  10. Love them all! Can't wait for them to arrive at my doorstep :D
    Great swatches!


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