Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review & Swatches - Zoya Stunning Collection

Aside from the Summer PixieDusts, this year Zoya has released two new six piece summer collections. I was trying to be good so I limited myself to one of the two. I figured I would choose the shimmers of the Irresistible Collection, but once I saw both collections in person, I found myself more drawn to the cremes of the Stunning Collection.

So with that said, today I'm sharing my swatches and thoughts of the Zoya Summer 2013 Stunning Collection.

Darcy is a warm sunshine yellow with very subtle shimmer. The formula wasn't too bad for a yellow, but it was still a bit streaky and uneven. I used three coats to even everything out. For whatever reason, this shade looks matte in my photos. It's not matte though, I guess the light just hit it in an odd way.

Josie is a fresh green creme. The formula was really good and you could get away with two coats, but I applied them a little thin so I used three in my photos.

Micky is a clean pink with subtle shimmer. I like this shade a lot. The formula was a little on the thick side, but still good. I found that three coats provided the best coverage.

Rocky is a light sky blue creme. The formula was really good and I used two coats for my swatch.

Thandie is a bright, yet somehow also light orange with subtle shimmer. I think this is a great orange shade - it's not too bright, it's just a clean, neutral orange. Very nice. The formula was excellent and I used two coats.

Yana is a bright pink with subtle shimmer. Out of all the ones with subtle shimmer, it was most noticeable in this one. The formula was fantastic and I used two coats in my photos.

Typically my favourites would be blues and greens, but this time it's the other end of the spectrum! My top picks are Micky, Thandie and Yana.

Darn it, now I also want the Irresistible Collection. Must resist... But as the name suggests, that might not be possible, hehe.

The Zoya Stunning Collection is available from the Zoya website for US residents or from Nail Polish Canada for those of us in Canada.


  1. This collection just jumped to the top of my Summer polish wishlist- they just look so fresh and ...stunning! Thx for the swatches :)

  2. Great swatches! This collection looks good :)

  3. Love the collection! For the first time I couldn't decide which one is my favorite among your swatches. Amazing colors!

  4. I love this collection. I'm wearing Josie right now, and while I don't usually like green polish, this one feels so cheerful and fun that I really like it. Thanks for swatching!


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