Saturday, July 20, 2013

(LOTS of) Pictures from Nicole Night!

If you missed yesterday's post about Nicole Night, let me quickly fill you in. Nicole Night was an idea brought to me by Nicole by OPI Canada who wanted me to host an evening of nail polish fun. They sent me all sorts of polishes and manicure necessities as well as pizza and snacks and I invited a few blogging and non-blogging friends over for the festivities. Ladies in attendance who you definitely already know include Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails and Kelsie from Kelsie's Nail Files.

I'll be honest and say that I was a bit nervous at first and I definitely had some hosting jitters, but it turned out to be SO much fun! I'm oh so glad that I decided to do it!

We were tweeting and instagramming the whole night, so I'm sure some of you have already seen a bunch of photos, but Kelsie and I also took some non-phone photos, so I'll be sharing those with you today. And if you missed the other photos, just search the hashtag #NicoleNight on twitter and/or instagram.

There are quite a lot of pictures so I've added most of them after the jump. Keep reading to see all the fun times we had!

First I have a few photos of the setup before everyone arrived. I had the table all set for a game of poker with the winner's prize (lots of Nicole by OPI goodies, obviously) in the middle. And I knew that all of our nails would be wet when we started playing poker, so I put out some licorice as a nail-friendly snack that wouldn't damage our new manis!

My nail room got a complete Nicole by OPI makeover! There was plenty of polish and all of the other manicure necessities available. I also framed a couple of Nicole Night signs because that's just how I roll.

Then the girls arrived and the first thing we did was gawk at this phenomenal cake that my friend Michelle made! She's so freaking talented, it just amazes me. We didn't even eat any of it because it was too beautiful to cut!

After we picked our jaws up off of the floor, we got to work doing some manis. There's many more pictures on Instagram of the end results, but here's a "mani-in-process" photo that I managed to get.

I painted my nails using what's become one of my favourite textured polishes to date - Nicole by OPI That's What I Mint from the Gumdrops Collection. I wanted to get one of my classic holding the bottle shots of the mani, but I thought it would be even more fun to hold one of the fondant bottles from the cake! I love this shot so much.

We were just finishing up our manis when the pizza arrived, so we had a delicious feed of pizza and garlic fingers and then we started our game of poker.

Kelsie actually didn't know how to play poker at first but she was a total pro by the end of the night! But in the end Rebecca took the grand prize. Here's a fun shot of her with her winning hand (pocket Kings!), her prize and of course, her cute Nicole by OPI Gumdrops mani.

And just for fun, here's some of the photos of "the aftermath" after everyone left.

I want to thank all the girls who attended and made this night such a huge success. And of course, it wouldn't have been possible without Nicole by OPI Canada, so a huge thanks to them as well.

Thanks for looking!


  1. NailACollegeDropOutJuly 20, 2013 at 4:36 PM

    that sounds like an awesome time! food, fun, and a ton of nail polish!

  2. Wow this looks like the best night ever! :)

  3. Aw man, that's so cool! Some fellow New Zealaners and I have something like this planned next month, can't wait!

  4. How fun! Love it!!

  5. What fun! Great cake!

  6. That sounds like so much fun! I need to live near more bloggers xD

  7. BEST CAKE EVER! Sounds like you all had a very fun evening! The first time I ever played poker I cleaned the table, definite beginners luck!

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