Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summery Coral and Teal Ikat Mani - butter LONDON Nail Art

I've done ikat design manicures before and it's still a favourite of mine, so I decided to do another one in some fun summer colours!

In choosing the shades for this mani, I pawed through my stash of butter LONDON polishes and picked out two favourites - Trout Pout and Slapper. I've been loving coral polish a lot lately, and it's pretty obvious that I always love a good teal. Plus these two go together beautifully.

I love wearing full graphic designs like this, especially when they look much more complex than they really are. I swear, this is really easy to do! In fact, I posted a tutorial for this design so be sure to check that out to truly see how easy this design is to achieve.

One weird thing about this design: I wanted to switch it up a bit, so I had originally planned for an accent nail using the inverse colour scheme (so Slapper was the base colour and Trout Pout was used in the middle of the print). I hadn't done this with any of my previous ikat manis, so I thought it would be a nice change. However something went horribly wrong! Well maybe that sounds a bit dramatic, but either way, something did go wrong.

When I was adding the white parts, it seemed that Slapper altered the colour of the white, sort of yellowing it. I thought that was a bit off, but figured adding another coat of the white would fix it. But the same thing happened to the next coat, and the two subsequent coats after that! Very strange. The perfectionist in me couldn't allow for one of my nails to look off, so I removed everything from that nail and started over with Trout Pout as the base.

Now this wasn't such a nuisance for my left hand where I only had one nail painted with Slapper, but on my right hand I had done a complete opposite design where Slapper was on four of my nails and Trout Pout was supposed to be the accent nail. Oh boy. So needless to say, don't use Slapper as a base colour if you intend to use white over it for nail art.

Has this happened to anyone before? Am I on my own here?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful, as always! Your ikat designs look incredible, and they do look more complex than they really are. Even better ;) The touch of white makes all the difference in my opinion, because it gives the whole look a different dimension. If you know what I mean. I had the same color-changing problem with Four Leaf Clover by China Glaze which turned the white to yellow, no matter how many coats I applied. I can only guess it's the pigmentation...

  2. What a gorgeous color combination! I love your ikat design, it's perfect :)

  3. ValiantlyVarnishedJuly 11, 2013 at 10:55 AM

    Slapper is one of my all-time favorite polishes. I actually just took it off my toes after two weeks of rocking it (decided it was probably time to wear another color)

  4. I love this design and the colours look great together! I have never tried Ikat print but I love the pattern!!

  5. A Girl and Her PolishJuly 11, 2013 at 11:29 AM

    Absolutely love the design! The colors you used look wonderful together! :)

  6. I started recreating this the second I saw them! They were so easy! I love it!

  7. This is stunning, I may just have to give your tutorial a go!

  8. WOW!!! You really are a pro! I am very bad at nail art :(


    Bong's Belleza

  9. Oh! Look amazing!! you are so talented
    follow if you want :

  10. divine! one of the best ikat design i've seen, girl :) Color choices here are so fabulous

  11. Lou is Perfectly PolishedJuly 14, 2013 at 5:45 PM

    These colours really do look fab together. I love teal and will definitely pair it with coral in the future :)


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