Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review & Wear Test - CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish

CND has released a revolutionary new line of polishes called VINLYUX which are supposed to last seven days without chipping. I was obviously a bit skeptical, so I decided to pick up a few and do a full wear test.

First off, here's a little info about the VINYLUX system:

  • Innovative system includes a self-adhering Color Coat that eliminates the need for Base Coat
  • Top Coat contains new ProLight Technology which enhances durability over time with exposure to natural light
  • In consumer testing of hundreds of manicures, more than 80 percent of clients had no chipping after seven days
  • VINYLUX dries completely in just eight and a half minutes
  • Comes in 62 fashion-forward polish colors

All of this sounds pretty amazing, right? But does it work? Check out my experience with VINYLUX below.

I'm a girl who likes to change her mani pretty frequently, so I was glad to see that VINYLUX offers a really good range of colours so that I was able to find a few shades that I could see myself actually wearing for a full week. I purchased three shades, two green ones (surprise, surprise) and a coral. Since the coral seemed a bit more season appropriate, that's the one I chose for this wear test.

The shade is called CND VINYLUX Tropix and it's a nice bright and creamy coral. The formula was really great and it applied just as nicely as any good formula nail polish.


1. The instructions say to cleanse the nail first, so I used my Entity Nail Prep to make sure all traces of oil and old polish were completely removed from my nails. Since I'm a nail tech, the cleanser was something I already had, but you could just use some nail polish remover or acetone.
2. Next, I added two coats of CND VINYLUX Tropix.
3. I waited 5-6 minutes for it to dry a little and then applied one coat of the CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat.

The Results:

Day One - These photos were taken pretty much immediately after I applied the CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat. The colour is super pretty and it's looking pretty shiny at this point.

Day Three - The mani still looks great, although the shine has dulled slightly. Tip wear is minimal.

Day Five - The shine has dulled a little more and tip wear is more noticeable, but mostly only at the corners of my nails.

Day Seven - The mani is still holding up pretty well, although now the tip wear is definitely noticeable. The polish has pretty much worn off completely from the back sides of my nails (from where I wrapped the tips). However, even after a full seven days, this mani still looks pretty good and if I was in a time crunch, I wouldn't mind leaving it on for another day or more.

I should note that I didn't give my nails any extra special treatment during these seven days. I went about my daily routine as normal, so this endured through washing dishes, household cleaning, showers, typing, etc.

So overall, the CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish System delivers a pretty solid manicure. I'd say the system it best for anyone who doesn't want to or doesn't have the time to change their polish more often, but also doesn't want to have to commit to going to a salon every few weeks for a gel mani. I think it's the perfect happy medium between polish and gel!

I was happy to discover that Nail Polish Canada is selling the CND VINYLUX line, so you don't have to be a professional to purchase it, nor do you have to try finding it in any salons! Each of the Weekly Polish shades retails for $11.95 CAD, as does the Weekly Top Coat.


  1. In the second to last paragraph you said "for a gal mani." Don't you mean gel mani? ;)

  2. Wow, that is pretty impressive. When I first started reading I was hopeful but skeptical. Glad to see that it does wear pretty well. Might be a good investment for vacations and such, when you want to get longer wear out of polish.

  3. Great review on it! Looks nice :)

  4. Geee, that is EXACTLY the kind of product I would purchase! I have no special problem with my polish chipping too fast or anything, but this manicure just stayed perfect! :D I am so impressed!

  5. i am trying out vinylux right now and so far i like it. i don't necessarily need my manis to last for a week but i do like long wearing polishes in general. also, no base coat means less application time.

  6. How'd the removal go? (I struggle with that the most)

  7. Oh yes I should have mentioned that! I'm glad you asked. Removal was no different than removing any other nail polish. :)

  8. Fab! I will be getting a couple of these to try.

  9. That's amazing & the color is just gorgeous! I just tested Wild Fire and I had to remove it on day 2 because I had tip wear and a small chip on my left thumb...

  10. Seneca GreenstreetAugust 19, 2013 at 12:26 AM

    Interesting! I was just at a beauty supply store and this lady was trying to sell this to me. The no base coat thing threw me off. I was skeptical from that point on lol.

  11. I already read about CND VINYLUX and I thought that maybe I need to try it! Your pictures convinced me! :)

  12. I purchased Bloodline, a deep red with I love, however I found I needed 3 coats for full opacity. Not a big deal but on me I got about 3 days wear. Having said that, I wash dishes every night in hot, soapy water without gloves (naughty, I know >.<) and I do type a lot. Would you recommend this product for use on clients? I was a little concerned that the longevity on my nails might be the same on others, however I am pleased to see that yours lasted well.


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