Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Polish Alcoholic - Intergalactic Dust, Morning Sunrise & Zoisite

Hey there!

Today I've got a few swatches from a new-to-me indie brand called Polish Alcoholic. Let's get right to it!

Although I usually show my swatches in alphabetical order, the first one I'm showing you today is called Zoisite because I used this one as the base for the remaining two shades.

Zoisite is a cornflower blue creme. It dries sort of matte so I suggest adding top coat if you want a shiny finish. The formula was good and I've shown two coats in my swatch.

Intergalactic Dust is a sheer silver holo. I found it a bit too sheer to wear on its own (especially when you have slightly yellowed nails beds like myself), so I chose to layer it over Zoisite. What's great about holo shades like this is that they can be layered over just about anything and add a lovely holo effect. The formula was great and I used one coat over Zoisite.

Morning Sunrise is a colour shifting shimmering top coat. The shimmers shift from blue to green to gold, which really compliments Zoisite. The formula was really easy to work with and I only needed one coat over Zoisite to provide this much sparkle.

Overall, I do like the three shades I was provided. I wish I had gotten to try one of the thermal shades so if anyone picks one of those up, I'd love to know what you think!

Polish Alcoholic shades can be purchased from the Polish Alcoholic Etsy shop. The bottles are all 10ml and the prices vary slightly based on the type of polish.

You can connect with Polish Alcoholic via many forms of social media, but instead of bombarding you with all of them, I'll just leave a link to the Polish Alcoholic blog and you can go from there.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love Morning Sunrise -- it seems like it would be great over a lot of different polishes! Zoisite looks beautiful on its own too though :)

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