Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'm a married woman!

Hey everyone!

Yup, I'm married! As most of you know, my wedding was last week on November 15th. It was a beautiful day (even though it flew by so quickly!) and I feel like the luckiest woman ever to be married to my best friend and love of my life. I won't bore you with the sappy details, but I'm sure I'll be posting some photos on Instagram when I get them from the photographer. Here's a teaser one that I already posted:

This is the awesome view from our hotel suite the morning after the wedding. It was a beautiful corner suite so on one side we had this city view and then on the other side was the harbour. It was stunning!

Things are just starting to settle down for us now and regular posting should be resuming very soon. I want to take a quick moment to thank all of my loyal readers who have stuck by me and supported me during this whole wedding process. Posting pretty much died off because I was so busy all the time, but I'm very lucky to have readers like you all who were willing to wait patiently until everything got back to normal for me.

I should mention that we had a little misfortune the day after the wedding when my poor little old MacBook gave out. There had been a chip in the side where the charger goes for quite a while and I had been gluing it back on for months, but it must have gotten worse because now the poor guy won't charge anymore. Everything still works, but without being able to charge it, it's not useable. So we decided to upgrade and get a iMac. Take a look:

Isn't she a beauty? In love.

Unfortunately, a lot of my files are still stuck on my laptop so until I can get that fixed enough to transfer all of my files, I'm forced to re-swatch a lot of things that I had swatched before the wedding but hadn't had time to post. For that I apologize to companies who are waiting on review posts from me, but I promise I will get them up asap.

Anyways, I could ramble on for hours here but I'll stop and make this short and sweet. Thank you so much to all of you and I can't wait to get back to nail polish, blogging and interacting with you all!
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