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Review & Swatches - KBShimmer WInter 2013 Collection

The KBShimmer Winter Collection is another 11 piece collection released for Winter 2013, the other of course being the KBShimmer Blogger Collaboration Collection. Speaking of which, I'm giving away a full set of the Blogger Collaboration polishes! See how you can win them here.

Anyways, back to today's agenda. The KBShimmer Winter 2013 Collection includes some glitters, some multichromes and even some holographic multichromes! There's something for everyone with this one. You can view swatches and my thoughts on this collection by hitting the read more button. Enjoy!

All Elf'd Up is a white crelly (combo creme/jelly) base with red, white and green glitters in various sizes and shapes. This is one of the two polishes in this collection that actually screams Christmas and those always tend to be my favourites. I just love the Christmas season so much, so having blatantly Christmas themed polishes on my nails always make me giddy. The formula was great and very opaque - I only needed two coats for full coverage. I also didn't need to do any fishing or placing of the glitters.

Kringle All The Way is this year's Toys for Tots charity polish! $4 from every bottle sold until November 30th went towards purchasing toys for tots! KBShimmer posted on their Facebook page that with 742 bottles sold, they were able to purchase nearly $3000 in toys! How amazing.

Anyways, the polish itself features a clear base with red, green and silver circular glitters in various sizes. There's also a sprinkling of holographic micro glitter. The glitter was easy to get out, though I suggest using a dabbing motion with the brush to get the best glitter coverage.

Maybe Navy is a deep navy base with lots of shimmering blue and purple small flakes throughout. It also has a slight duo chrome finish to it. It's similar to Teal Another Tail from the Fall 2013 Collection (which has been on my wishlist since it was released). The formula was great and I've shown two coats below.

Myth You Lots is a holographic multichrome polish that shifts from deep navy blue to purple to magenta. I love the extra oomph that the holo sparkle adds to these shades! This starts out sheer so you could layer it for a different look, but I've shown it on its own at three coats which is perfect coverage.

Pigment of my Imagination is basically Myth You Lots without the added holo shimmer. So it's a multi chrome shade that shifts between deep blue, purple and magenta, and you can even see an orange-y gold at certain angles. Because it doesn't have the added holo that Myth You Lots has, the colours themselves stand out more and the shift between them is more noticeable. The formula was great albeit the final result does show brush strokes just a tad, though it's barely noticeable in person.

Pretty in Punk is a holographic multichrome that shifts between a bright olive toned green, silvery blue, lavender and even a touch of brownish gold. OMG this was such a huge surprise favourite for me! I fell in love with both this one and its non-holo brother, Urban Camo (which you can see below) immediately after applying them to my nails. I don't find they look overly incredible in the bottles but once on, they're just stunning! Plus, the holo in this one is the strongest of all three holo multichromes.

The formula of Pretty in Punk was quite good, and like the other holo multi chromes in this collection you can choose to layer it over a dark base or wear it on its own like I did here at three coats.

Rollin' With the Chromies is the final holo multi chrome and this one shifts from a bright tealish blue to purple to pink. Love the name (Clueless, anyone?) and love the shade. I love how it looks purple around the edges of my nails but it's clearly a brighter teal blue in the middle of my nails. It's so beautiful! The formula was great and like the other holo multi chromes you can choose to layer it over a dark base or wear it on its own like I did here at three coats.

Shade Shifter is the non-holo version of Rollin' With the Chromies. Again, because it doesn't have the added holo, the colours tend to stand out more and the shift between them is stronger. The formula was great and I used three coats for my swatch.

Snow Flaking Way! is an indigo jelly base with blue, purple and silver holographic glitters in various shapes and sizes, including snowflakes! We first saw snowflake glitters in Snow Much Fun from the KBShimmer Blogger Collection and although I'm usually not a fan of hearts and stars and those types of glitters, I actually really like the snowflakes. Though as I said in my review of that collection, the snowflakes do not want to lay flat on the nail. The formula was good, but I did have to fish some of the snowflakes out. My swatch shows three coats.

Urban Camo is the non-holo version of Pretty in Punk. I've pretty much already yammered on about this one in the description of it's holo brother Pretty in Punk, but basically I love it. A lot. FFormula was great and I found three coats provided the best coverage.

When Doves Sign is a medium cool grey crelly with fuchsia, turquoise, sapphire and chrome glitter in various shapes and sizes. There's also holo microglitter throughout. I really love the glitter combination in this shade! It's such a neutral base (reminds me a lot of China Glaze Recycle) but the beautiful pops of glitter colours make it so pretty. This was more opaque than I expected so I only needed two coats.

Overall I think KBShimmer knocked it way way way out of the park with all 22 of the polishes they released for Winter 2013. My personal favourites from this collection are All Eld'd Up, Kringle All the Way, Maybe Navy, Pretty in Punk and Urban Camo.

KBShimmer polishes are available directly from the KBShimmer website for those of you in the US. For international orders, check out Harlow & Co.

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