Sunday, September 22, 2013

Picking My Wedding Nails! Choice #1 - Classic French with Glitter Accent

Hey everyone!

As a lot of you already know, I'm getting married in November. Now, I'm a pretty organized and detail-oriented kind of person, so the whole business of planning the wedding has actually been pretty easy going for me. However, one area where I'm struggling is how I'm going to do my nails for the big day! So I figured, why not use this as an opportunity to get a little interactive with you all and have you help me choose my wedding mani!

How it'll work is that over the next 5-6 weeks, I'll post all of the possible designs I've come up with. At the end of that period I'll post them all at once and ask you guys to vote on which is your favourite. Once your favourite is chosen, I'll take that into serious consideration when finally choosing my wedding mani. So, here's choice number one!

The first design is this classic french with a glitter accent nail. While my wedding is peacock themed and I'm using a lot of deep teals, blues and purples in the colour scheme, I've decided that I want to keep my overall look somewhat traditional and classic. So most of the designs you'll be seeing will follow that style.

I started out with a base of OPI Step Right Up!, which I think is pretty much the perfect base for french manicures. I then freehanded on some french tips using OPI Alpine Snow. If I were to go with this mani for the wedding, I would probably use some french tip guides or tape to make sure the lines were completely perfect and consistent.

For the accent nail, I simply sprinkled some loose glitter over top of Step Right Up! while it was wet. I also think that if this was to be my wedding mani, I might try it out using the white polish as the base for the glitter and see how that would look. I think perhaps that might tie in with the french tips just a little bit better.

I actually quite like this look! I like that it's classic but there's still a pop of fun with the glittered nail.

Thanks for looking! More wedding manis to come!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Graphic Floral Nails - OPI Euro Centrale Nail Art

Hey everyone!

When I saw this awesome floral nail art by Anutka over at Wacky Laki, I just had to recreate it. And seeing as tonight is my bridal shower, I thought this would make a great mani for such an occasion!

To get this look, I started with a base of OPI My Vampire is Buff, which is still one of my top favourite polishes released this year. It's the absolute perfect creamy neutral base for nail art when you don't want to use a stark white.

To create the flowers, I used a torn off piece of makeup sponge and just roughly sponged on the shape of the flowers using OPI Can't Find My Czechbook and OPI Eurso Euro. Then I used a striper brush and black polish to create the outlines of the flowers. I also added a few sparse dots in the centre of each flower. I topped it all off with a coat of my beloved Seche Vite.

Even though I've done a floral design using the Euro Centrale blue shades over MVIB already (which can be seen here and a tutorial here), I simply had to use the blues again because the dress I'm wearing to my shower features a lot of blues. Plus, the heels I'm wearing are a beautiful nude so this manicure couldn't be more perfect!

I'm really in love with this design - it's so bold and graphic. I'm definitely going to have to try it again with some other colours!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review & Swatches - Lacquer Lust Holo Birthstone Collection

Today I have a huge post full of lots of awesome holographic goodness! Lacquer Lust's Holo Birthstone Collection includes a whopping 14 polishes - one for each birthstone and a couple of the birthstones even get two polishes. Check out all of them below!

Note: As with all of my holographic review posts, I have two photos for you - one in natural lighting (using my lightbox and a natural daylight bulb) and one using flash to give you a better look at the holo effect.

Amethyst is a deep purple. Super rich colour with a very strong holo effect. The formula was great and I've shown two coats below.

Aquamarine is a bright aqua blue. The holo is a bit more subtle in this one, but it's still so beautiful. Aquamarine has a bit of a creamier formula than most of the others and it was really nice to work with. My photos show two coats.

Diamond is a light grey. I personally love silver holos, but they've been done over and over so I was happy to see that instead of a silver here, Jo actually went with a softer grey. I think it's stunning and it was definitely a surprise favourite of mine. The formula was great and I've shown two coats below.

Emerald is a deep and rich emerald green. #OMG! That's right, I just used a hashtag in a blog post. I regret nothing. This is just gorgeous. The formula was really good and I needed two coats for the coverage you see below.

Garnet is a deep maroon-red. This is such a great shade for fall. The formula was great and my swatch shows two coats.

Opal is an iridescent flakie top coat. This is a really fun shade that's an easy and quick way to make any mani more interesting. The light hits the flakies at different angles and creates a really eye-catching effect. This one really needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate it. I've shown one coat over Sapphire, a deep night sky blue holo which you'll see on its own below. The formula was on the thick side but I didn't have any trouble with application.

Pearl is light silver with a hint of delicate lavender. This is very soft and pretty and feminine. It's similar to Diamond, but the touch of purple sets it apart. The formula was really great and it was surprisingly very opaque - almost a one coater but I did used two to make sure everything was even.

Peridot is a bright chartreuse green. Mmm, I love this colour. This'll definitely be a great one to pull out during spring especially. The formula was very easy to work with and I've shown two coats below.

Pink Tourmaline is a purple-toned medium pink. This is similar in consistency to Aquamarine with that creamy formula. I really love this one, especially because it's my birthstone! So is Opal, but I've always considered Pink Tourmaline to be my true birthstone. I'll for sure be busting this back out sometime during my birthday month! The formula was excellent and I used two coats for my swatch.

Ruby is a bright ruby red. I think this shade of red is super flattering! I don't wear a lot of red polish but this one is one I'll definitely be pulling out soon. The formula was excellent and I needed two coats for full opacity.

Sapphire is a deep and rich blue. This one reminds me of a dark night sky with lots of shimmering stars; it's quite lovely. It would also make a great base for a galaxy manicure! The formula was great and my photos show two coats.

Tanzanite is a deep royal purple. At first glance this might seem similar to Amethyst, but this one is much more blue-toned. The formula was once again great and I've shown two coats below.

Topaz is a burnt orange. A lovely colour, but it tends to wash me out just a bit. I bet this would look great against sunkissed skin! This one started out sort of sheer but build up nicely in just two coats.

Zircon is a teal-ish turquoise. Lovely colour - definitely very "me". Zircon was the sheerest of all, although it still only needed three coats for full coverage.

Overall, I think this collection is amazeballs. It has definitely been an excellent first impression of Lacquer Lust as a brand and I really hope I get to try more from Lacquer Lust in the future.

It's hard to pick favourites when I pretty much love them all, but if I absolutely had to, I would choose Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Peridot, Pink Tourmaline and Zircon.

The Lacquer Lust Birthstone Collection will be available on September 16th from the Lacquer Lust online shop. If you're not in the US, Lacquer Lust is also available from Harlow & Co.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Peacock Colour Texture Mani - Zoya Fall PixieDust Collection

I went back and forth deciding whether this mani even deserved its own post, but in the end I just said "well hey, I have the pictures already taken, so why not?". So this really isn't anything special - there's no fun or complex nail art, it's just a simple mani that I'm currently sporting.

After a long swatching marathon yesterday, I didn't have much time to do any nail art, so I decided I'd bust out some textured polishes since they dry fast and don't require top coat. I'd recently picked up the new Zoya Fall 2013 PixieDust Collection and as I lined all six up on my desk, three stood out to me as very peacock-esque colours, and we all know how much I love all things peacock (even my wedding is peacock themed!). So I applied all three shades in a peacock inspired skittle mani!

The three shades used here are Chita (the green), Carter (the purple) and Sunshine (the blue). I think all three are stunning colours, but I'm especially in love with Carter. In fact, it's almost an exact dupe for the loose glitter I'm using to create DIY glitter shoes for my bridesmaids!

I'll have a full swatch and review post up of the whole Fall PixieDust Collection soon.

Thanks for looking!
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