Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Best of 2013 - Reader's Choice

Happy New Year's everyone! I hope you all had a happy and safe New Year's Eve!

This post took a whole lot longer than expected to put together, but I finally have the results from the Reader's Choice Best of 2013 Survey! I'll announce the winner of the corresponding giveaway at the end of the post.

Let's get right to it! Here are your choices for the best brands, products and trends of 2013!

Best Salon Nail Polish Brand of 2013:

Winner - OPI
1st Runner Up - Zoya
2nd Runner Up - China Glaze

OPI definitely had a good year in 2013 because this wasn't a close race at all! OPI took well over the majority of the votes while Zoya just slightly inched past China Glaze to snatch the 1st runner up spot.

Best Drugstore Nail Polish Brand of 2013:

Winner - Sally Hansen
1st Runner Up - Sinful Colors
2nd Runner Up - Revlon

There was no competition here either, Sally Hansen ran away as the winner of this category.

Best Luxury/High End Nail Polish Brand of 2013:

Winner - butter LONDON
1st Runner Up - Deborah Lippmann
2nd Runner Up - Chanel

This battle was a lot closer, particularly between butter LONDON and the 1st runner up Deborah Lippmann, but butter LONDON got just a few extra votes to grab the winning spot.

Best Indie Nail Polish Brand of 2013:

Winner - KBShimmer
1st Runner Up - Cult Nails & I Love Nail Polish
2nd Runner Up - a-England

This category had the biggest runaway win of the whole survey! Congrats to KBShimmer who had an amazing year.

Best Salon Brand Collection Released in 2013:

Winner - OPI San Francisco Collection
1st Runner Up - Zoya PixieDust Collection(s)
2nd Runner Up - OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Collection

This category was a bit hard to tally because a lot of the respondents didn't specify which Zoya PixieDust Collection they were referring to and instead just wrote "Zoya Pixiedusts", so in the end I decided to just combine them all into one category. Even still, the OPI San Francisco Collection took the winning spot.

Best Drugstore Brand Collection Released in 2013:

Winner - Revlon Parfumerie
1st Runner Up - Sally Hansen Sugar Coat
2nd Runner Up - Sally Hansen Triple Shine

I didn't realize how popular the Revlon Parfumerie Collection was until I saw your responses to this question! I'm definitely going to have to pick some up and give them a try myself!

Best Luxury/High End Brand Collection Released in 2013:

Winner - Deborah Lippmann The Mermaids
1st Runner Up - butter LONDON Sweetie Shop Spring Collection
2nd Runner Up - Deborah Lippmann Jewel Heist

After everyone loved the shade Mermaid's Dream, Lippmann released an entire Mermaid Collection and it's no surprise that that was a huge hit. However the butter LONDON Sweetie Shop Collection of pretty pastels came in a close second place.

Best Indie Brand Collection Released in 2013:

Winner - KBShimmer Blogger Collaboration Collection
1st Runner Up - KBShimmer Winter Collection
2nd Runner Up - a-England Burne Jones Collection

No competition for KBShimmer once again and it took both the winning and 1st runner up spots in this category. I was thrilled to see the Blogger Collection receive such a positive response considering I was a part of it!

Best Individual Nail Polish Colour Released in 2013 - Salon Brand:

Winner - OPI Alcatraz Rocks
1st Runner Up - OPI My Vampire is Buff
2nd Runner Up - Zoya Carter

The beautiful and very dimensional textured polish Alcatraz…Rocks from OPI's San Francisco Collection was the clear winner in this category.

Best Individual Nail Polish Colour Released in 2013 - Drugstore Brand:

Winner - Sally Hansen Sour Apple
1st Runner Up - Sinful Colors Treasure Chest
2nd Runner Up - Revlon Autumn Spice

Best Individual Nail Polish Colour Released in 2013 - Luxury/High End Brand:

Winner - Deborah Lippmann Stronger
1st Runner Up - Chanel Taboo
2nd Runner Up - Deborah Lippmann Do the Mermaid

Stronger by Deborah Lippmann was a clear winner in this category. I actually have a bottle of it sitting in my to-swatch bin that I shamefully haven't worn yet, but this makes me want to bust it out even more!

Best Individual Nail Polish Colour Released in 2013 - Indie Brand:

Winner - KBShimmer Snow Much Fun
1st Runner Up - a-England Briarwood
2nd Runner Up - TIE between piCture polish Imperial & KBShimmer I Got A Crush On Blue

I was so happy to see that one of the KBShimmer Blogger polishes took the top spot in this category! Congrats to KBShimmer and Victoria from Manicurator for creating such a great polish!

Best Nail Polish Trend of 2013:

Winner - Texture
1st Runner Up - Thermal
2nd Runner Up - Holo

No surprise here! I was in love with the texture trend from the very start, while for some people it took time to grow on, and others still can't get on board. But there's no denying that 2013 was the year of textured polish!

Best Nail Art Trend of 2013:

Winner - Gradients
1st Runner Up - Stamping
2nd Runner Up - Skittlette

There were a lot of different answers for this question and I think it's because for me, 2013 didn't seem to have a really stand out nail art trend. Nonetheless, gradients was the popular choice here.

Best Best Coat of 2013:

Winner - OPI Nail Envy
1st Runner Up - Orly Bonder
2nd Runner Up - CND Stickey

This was one of the only categories where the response was surprising to me! OPI Nail Envy is actually a nail strengthener, not a base coat, but it seems that a a lot of you have started using it for both purposes! I do this myself but I wasn't aware how many others did as well! Good choice peeps.

Best Top Coat of 2013:

Winner - Seche Vite
1st Runner Up - Out the Door
2nd Runner Up - HK Girl

This one was a pretty big runaway win and I can't say I'm surprised. Long live Seche Vite!

Best Cuticle Moisturizer of 2013:

Winner - Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
1st Runner Up - LUSH Lemony Flutter
2nd Runner Up - CND Solar Oil

The race was pretty close here between Burt's Bees and LUSH, but BB had the slight edge when all the results were tallied. CND Solar Oil was the 2nd runner up but wasn't any real competition for the other two.

Best Hand Cream of 2013:

Winner - OPI Avojuice
Runner Up - Bath & Body Works

There were a lot of different answers for this one, but the clear winner was OPI Avojuice. For the 1st runner up spot I just put Bath & Body Works as an umbrella category because there were a lot of different varieties of BBW lotions mentioned. There was no clear 2nd runner up.

THE Best Nail Polish Released in 2013 - All Brands:

Winner - OPI Alcatraz Rocks
1st Runner Up - Zoya Carter
2nd Runner Up - Zoya Dream

The top salon brand polish also took the best nail polish of the whole year spot. Congrats to OPI for creating this amazing fan favourite!

There you have it! Your top picks from the year 2013!

But wait, there's one last winner to announce - the winner of the corresponding giveaway! The winner will receive the entire KBShimmer Blogger Collection!
Drumroll please…
And the winner is… Eva K! Congrats Eva! I've emailed you already so you can get back to me with your shipping info and I'll get your goodies out to you ASAP.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey! Now let's see what 2014 has to offer!


  1. This was great to see! Congrats to the winner too! :)

  2. This is a great post! So many phenomenal polishes and products here! :)

  3. Kimberly YoungermanJanuary 2, 2014 at 3:48 AM

    I love seeing all of this together this way.
    About the winner - I think Eva may not see the email if it is the Eva K that I'm thinking of, she runs Flight of Whimsy, and she left today for 10 days in Israel. I'd love to verify this for you if I can. I'd hate for Eva to miss this if it is her.

  4. I received a response from Eva yesterday! Thank you for your concern, it's very sweet. :)

  5. I win!! That is super exciting. Also, i really do need to but Alcatraz rocks...

  6. It is, and thank you Kim! I have (spotty) wifi in the hotel we are at for the first two days. :-)

  7. Kimberly YoungermanJanuary 6, 2014 at 6:45 PM

    Yay!! Congrats!! I hope it is an AMAZING trip. :)

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