Monday, February 03, 2014

Delush Polish XO Valentine's Day Collection - Swatch & Review

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Delush Polish is offering the XO Collection - a trio of romantic polishes that are sure to set the right mood for V-Day!

Je Ne Sais Quoi is a soft white crelly base with a mix of blue, pink and white glitters throughout. The glitters range in size and shape - there's squares, hexes and circles. It had a good, thick formula that covered nicely in three coats. I did have to do some fishing with my brush for the larger circle glitters, so keep that in mind during application.

This one is my favourite of the trio! I love the soft milky base and the beautiful rosy pink glitters. I think this could also work for a baby shower!

Lights Out is a crisp white crelly base packed with gold, priple, pink and green glitters. Again, the glitters range in size and shape. There's circles, stars and hexes. The base is more opaque than I expected so it's easy for some of the glitters to hide away when they're covered with a new coat. This one also had a nice, thick formula. The hot pink start glitters were plentiful and I didn't have to fish at all to get an abundance of those, but I did have to fish for the larger purple circles. I've shown three coats here, but you could definitely get away with two.

This one is interesting to me because it somehow manages to be both a colourful glitter bomb, while still remaining soft and delicate. I'm impressed.

Make Me Blush is a very light blush pink with golden shimmer. The formula applied great, though it was a tiny bit streaky on the first coat. I used three coats in total here, but you could get away with just two.

Make Me Blush is very delicate and feminine, and definitely office appropriate. What I like about it personally is that it's so delicate that it almost borders on nude, which I find actually works better with my skin tone. I definitely don't have any pinks quite like this in my collection.

I should also mention that with Delush Polish orders you get a fun scratch card! Mine gives me the opportunity to name a new Delush Polish shade, which is pretty darn cool.

My first experience with Delush Polish was definitely very good and I hope to try out more shades from the brand in the future!

You can find the XO Collection and other Delush Polishes from the online store here. You can also follow the brand on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and collections!


  1. How awesome! All of these are gorgeous -- but Lights Out is absolutely my favorite!

  2. What a lovely Valentine's Day collection! Such pretty shades :)

  3. I must have Je Ne Sais Quoi !! I totally could see using that for a baby shower as well - good call!!

  4. Those are gorgeous. I love the idea of the scratch card, it's so unique.

  5. Very pretty and delicate polish.

  6. All three of these are gorgeous! The first one is definitely my favorite but I'm really surprised by how much I love Make Me Blush.

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