Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nails by David 3.0

As promised, today my husband David will be guest posting here!

Once again, he came up with a nail art design, picked out polishes, and painted my nails for me. You guys seem to love his posts every year and it's always a lot of fun for us, so this has become a regular V-Day tradition for us!

Unfortunately our work scheduled conflicted this weekend so we weren't able to get this up for the 14th, but it was just as much fun nonetheless!

Take it away, David!

Hello everybody!
It's that time of the year again, when I get to embarrass myself online using nail polish as my medium.

This year, based on the fact that Kayla and I are married, I decided to have a wedding inspired V-Day nail design. I considered at first drawing to-scale portraits of the bridal party on each nail, but considering that may have been slightly beyond my skill level (just slightly), I was forced to reconsider this decision. So I said, "shag it, wedding rings it is!".

With the help of my beautiful wife, I located some polishes and went to work. I wanted there to be two rings on each nail, and maybe a heart in there too. I figured that too many hearts would muddy up the design, so I chose a simpler design, and decided on one heart on the accent nail.

I thought that it came out pretty decent! I wasn't completely disgusted!

I hope you guys enjoyed this. And remember: "Keep on…nail polish…art…doing…yeah…"


  1. What a fun tradition! Love the design! :)

  2. This is the best yet! Here's really improving each year :)

  3. Great post - I enjoyed reading it a lot!

  4. Hahaha he did a great job!

  5. Whistling... You knocked this one out the park! Cute concept!

  6. David, you have done it again! Honestly, I've been waiting for your annual post!
    I love this design much more than last year's one, this time it looks alot more valentine-y, and less... sperm like ;)

  7. Stacy Plowman-PennockFebruary 17, 2014 at 5:02 AM

    Wow David, I think you've been practicing, these are pretty good!!

  8. These look really good David! I went looking for the previous designs you did and you are definitely making a lot of progress!

  9. Hahaha, love it!

  10. So sweet :-) And well executed!

  11. "Keep on nail polish art doing." Tee hee.

  12. I love that guy and I haven't even met him! Can totally see why you do :) he is getting better at this every year! I always look forward to seeing his posts. Hiiii, David and Kayla! Glad married life is going so well for you! xoxo

  13. Your hubby is so talented! And such a good sport :)

  14. How can we not all love David?? It is impossible!!

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