What golf gloves are best?

Golf gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any golf player that takes the sport seriously. Players usually wear only one glove on their “lead hand”, i.e. the hand that is placed at the top of their grip.

A golf glove has three main functions:

Grip control

Having a glove helps you maintain a better grip on the golf club when swinging. If you have a naturally loose grip or the golf club tends to seemingly slip away from your hands when performing a swing, you will definitely benefit from wearing a golf glove.

Skin protection

An extra piece of material between your hands and the club will prevent you from developing blisters and callouses. Injuries like that are often found on golf players’ hands and even though they may seem small, they can greatly affect performance. After all, hands and having a tight and sure grip on the club is crucial in golf.


Golf gloves provide comfort for the player in less-than-ideal weather conditions. If you play during the rain gloves will help keep your hands dry. Gloves made for winter play are made from a more sturdy and thicker material to stop your fingers from freezing. Many manufactures make gloves specifically for different kinds of weather. Gloves built for playing in low or high temperatures will often be made from components that keep the warmth inside the gloves at the same level. If you plan on playing in humid climates get gloves that are quick-drying and prevent moisture build-up to keep maximum grip control. Gloves made with weather conditions in mind are usually worn in pairs.

Where to buy good golf gloves?

There are many makers specializing in golf accessories that make good high-quality golf gloves. They include brands like FootJoy, Callaway, or TaylorMade. Golf gloves from renowned makers like those will usually cost you at least $25 for one glove. But you don’t have to break the bank if you’re not a professional player and are just starting using golf gloves when playing. There are some affordable golf gloves that will do their job just fine.

One such maker is Kirkland Signature, a Costco-owned brand. Depending on the model, you can get a pack of 3 or 4 gloves for just around $20. They might not be as durable as one of the aforementioned brands but people report that these Costco golf gloves from Kirkland Signature are surprisingly comfortable for the price. And because they’re from Costco you can easily get them from your local store without having to wait to get them shipped to your home.

The Costco golf gloves are undoubtedly good value for money. Depending on your playing habits, one should easily last you for around 5 to 10 game rounds. Commentators admit they tend to stretch out but assure their gloves hold up surprisingly well in humid and hot conditions.

It is common knowledge that golf is an expensive sport and not everyone can afford to get all of the equipment from the best-known brands. So why don’t you give these Costco golf gloves a try, you might be surprised by how well-made they are and how much money you save.