Best Gel Nail Kits & Acrylic Nail Kits (2020 Edition)

Although gel nail polish has been around for quite some time now, it wasn’t until recently that people gained the ability to employ complex gel nail kits themselves in the comfort of their own homes. These kits are designed to help you achieve the aesthetic benefits of complex gel nail patterns without having to contract the services of a nail artist. Instead, you can design and style your own nails with little to no preparation as long as you take the time to learn about the process and what it implies.

With gel nail kits, you get virtually anything you could possibly need to style your own nails, including a UV lamp to harden the nails and a hefty dose of acetone for you to use if need be. At the same time, you also get the option to use soft gel nails that require none of the additional accessories, albeit at the expense of shorter durability. Having said that, let us take a look at the ten best gel nail kits out there in our quest to figure out which ones stand out and for what reasons.

7 Best Gel Nail Kits, Reviews

#7 Vishine Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Vishine Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

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This gel nail polish starter kit from Vishine offers colors suitable for any occasion through a set of truly remarkable but also classic colors to choose from. The set also comes with everything a beginner could possibly need, including the basic nail manicure tools that anyone who has ever worked on nails depends on.

We should also point out that it comes with six pieces of colored gel polish along with a top coat base gel set, a Sun9C Plus Fast Curing Nail LED Lamp and plenty of nail art tools to choose from.

#6 Gelish Pro Kit Salon Professional Gel

Gelish Pro Kit Salon Professional Gel

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This complete set comes with a LED light, cleanser, remover, basic kit, and two polishes for you to use as you see fit. It should be said that it requires the use of a Gelish LED drying curing lamp for a proper application of the gel, which is more or less the industry standard nowadays.

Furthermore, the included LED light can be expected to cure all fingers in less than a minute or so. What’s more, the gel can be expected to last up to 21 days with perfect shine and little to no chipping to speak of.

#5 Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit by Vishine

Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit by Vishine

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With this particular kit, you get everything you could possibly need from a gel nail kit, including 6 gel colors to choose from.

Feature-wise, we should point out that the set comes with a Sun9C nail dryer of arch shape, with open and lightweight capabilities that can cure five nails or toenails simultaneously.

Not just that but the kit also packs basic nail manicure tools intended to help you complete the process of your nail styling as efficiently as possible.

#4 Beetles Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Beetles Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

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It is important for a gel nail kit to incorporate every single tool you could possibly need when styling your nails and this is precisely what the Beetles Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit offers.

This kit features a powerful UV Nail Lamp in a classic shape with a 48W high-power cure for all kinds of gel nail polish.

Equipped with 30 LED lights, it will reduce the normal gel processing time to half when used correctly, which is always something to look for in a quality kit.

#3 Gellen Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Gellen Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

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This kit offers an exclusive nail art rhinestone, which isn’t something you will find within most gel nail kits out there. Interestingly enough, the kit also comes with a delicate gift box and a complete range of specification manicure tools to help you design salon-quality nails at home.

You will also find that the kit contains a gelling LED lamp of surprisingly small proportions, one that is both easy to carry and easy to fit into virtually any handbag.

#2 Gellen Gel Nail Starter Kit + Shiny Rhinestones

Gellen Gel Nail Starter Kit + Shiny Rhinestones

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Designed to contain everything one could possibly need to achieve professional standards of nail styling, this ingenious kit stands out as one of the most complete out there. For instance, it features a 24W LED lamp that can be used to perfectly cure all kinds of UV/LED-based gel products.

This lamp features an innovative LED display screen that shows you how the process is going and the time lapsed. At the same time, the kit comes with exclusive nail art rhinestone along with multi-faceted, crystal clear features to help you achieve the most charming and elegant output.

#1 Gellen Gel Polish Kit + UV Light

Gellen Gel Polish Kit + UV Light

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If you’re looking for a high-end gel polish kit to meet your lavish expectations then look no farther than Gellen’s Gel Polish Kit with UV Light. This exquisite kit features among others a quality LED lamp designed to cure all types of UV/LED-based gel products with virtually no limitations to speak of.

At the same time, the kit comes with an exclusive nail art rhinestone that you can use in any creative way you see fit, which may explain why this particular kit enjoys the tremendous popularity it currently does. Last but not least, the kit comes with all the necessary tools you might need during the preparation process, including environmentally-friendly ingredients of a non-toxic origin.

Best Acrylic Nail Kits, Reviews

As you may already be aware, acrylic nails are all the rage these days and understandably so. Without ever having to go into a beauty salon, you can nowadays design and craft your very own acrylic nails as long as you have the right tools for the job. While it used to be that you needed help from a nail artist to get some decent-looking nails, you can achieve pretty much the same results by employing an acrylic kit of your own choosing.

In principle, acrylic nails are a mixture of powder and liquid monomer, a mixture that combines a thick substance that can be used to decorate the nails almost any way you see fit. This process does not involve a UV or LED lamp depending on the type of decoration and the general aesthetics of the nails. As long as the acrylic liquid is easy to work with, you are guaranteed to gain the freedom to design the pattern any way you see fit, even if it involves sculpting your nails in a creative fashion.

Perhaps the most important thing when choosing an acrylic kit to work with is the quality of the acrylic liquid. With the right liquid, you are sure to shape your nails without having to worry about the formula losing texture at any point. Another thing you want to ensure is that the acrylic kit you employ does not project any unwanted fragrances onto the nails at any given time, especially no lingering odors that take away from the look of your nails. With that in mind, let us find out what are the seven best acrylic nail kits the market has to offer right now and what to look for when getting one.

#7 TP Nails Care Acrylic Bundle Kit

Acrylic nail Kit

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This complete kit from TP Nails Care includes anything you could possibly need in an acrylic kit, including a no lifting, non-yellow formula that you can depend on.

At the same time, we should point out that the kit offers flawless consistency and superior adhesion, the type you only find in high-end acrylic kits.

It also needs to be said that it is made using quality ingredients and that it offers a long-term guarantee for each individual item within the kit.

#6 Baisidai Acrylic Liquid Powder Nail Art Tools Kit

Baisidai Acrylic Liquid Powder Nail Art Tools Kit

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With a variety of application methods, the acrylic adhesive contained within this kit offers a great deal of freedom and creativity. By using such a flexible kit, you gain the capacity to create beautiful nail art for long-lasting sparkle nail tips.

The tips can then be sculpted any way you see fit on account of how impressively effective the formulas used in this kit can be. Not just that but the kit is so versatile that it can be used both at home or in a professional setting.

#5 Beauty Secrets Odorless Acrylic Nail Kit System

Beauty Secrets Odorless Acrylic Nail Kit System

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Equipped with an odorless adhesive of the highest quality, the Beauty Secrets Odorless Acrylic Nail Kit System stands out as one of the most effective out there. This particular kit is perfect for acrylic nail users of any background on account of its bubble-free powder which strengthens and adds clarity to the nails.

At the same time, we should point out that the acrylic liquid contains optical enhancers which help to prevent nail yellowing or discoloration of any kind.

#4 Monomer Liquid & Polymer Powder Acrylic Nail Kit

Professional Monomer Liquid & Polymer Powder Acrylic Nail Kit

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Thanks to a professional grade configuration, this kit is seen as a must-have for professional nail artists everywhere. This is owed to the high-quality ingredients used in the making of its adhesive which not only provides an exceptional hardness but one that is guaranteed to last for a very long time.

Interestingly enough, this kit comes with an acrylic liquid that includes UV inhibitors to reduce the risk of yellowing the nails over time.

#3 Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail Set For Beginners

Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail Set For Beginners

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Aimed at beginners, this particular kit comes with every single thing you could possibly need to ornate your nails in a clever and creative fashion. Due to the diversity of components it incorporates, you can use the kit to create up to four unique sets or even more if you’re the creative type.

Furthermore, ever item contained in the kit is of the highest possible quality, which includes the nail tip clipper that some of the other kits you can find on the market seem to be lacking for whatever reason.

#2 KISS French Acrylic Sculpture Kit

KISS French Acrylic Sculpture Kit

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As long as you employ the correct ratio of liquid to powder, you will be able to use this particular kit to achieve some pretty amazing results in the short-term.

One thing to point out about this kit is that it comes with a very sticky adhesive and that you should be very careful with it when styling your nails.

Another thing to mention is that it is rather easy on the skin despite its stickiness, much thanks to the quality ingredients used in the making of the acrylic liquid.

#1 Mia Secret Acrylic Nail Kit

Mia Secret Acrylic Nail Kit

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This exquisite kit from Mia Secret comes equipped with every single item you could need to decorate your nails in a creative fashion. As such, the kit contains a 1/2 oz liquid monomer, a 1/2 oz clear acrylic power, some ultra-quick nail glue, a 1/2 oz ultra-gloss topcoat, 20 ingenious nail tips, some primer, a nail brush, a zebra straight nail file, and an emergy block for good measure.

Not just that but it all comes in a handy carrying bag to help with the transport. Overall, it is one of the most complete and reliable acrylic kits the market has to offer right now.

Best Polygel Nail Kits, Reviews

The main reason why some prefer poly gel over acrylics is due to the inclusion of natural colors like white, pink, and even clear. It is also a somewhat faster process than what acrylic nails require, a process that can be brought to completion in just about two hours or so.

We should also point out that poly gel nail kits are intended for people who want a professional and clean look. Because of the unique reinforcement that many poly gel products offer, the polish will last a lot longer overall.

Let us take a look at what some of the best poly gel nail kits out there look like so that we may get a better understanding of what to look for.

#3 Beetles Poly Gel Nail Kit

Beetles Poly Gel Nail Kit

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Entirely healthy and natural by most standards, the Beetles Poly Gel Nail Kit is seen as a truly eco-friendly option for anyone who is conscious about the environment. As for its actual performance, let it be said that it contains a plentiful nail extension starter kit along with an all-in-one French manicure kit for good measure.

It also stands out as a much lighter version than what the market has to offer nowadays, a poly gel option that will render your nails natural-looking without too much hassle on your part.

#2 Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit

Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit

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Providing a high standard of reliability at a surprisingly affordable price, this poly kit stands out as one of the very best out there. What’s interesting about this particular kit is that it comes with warm tips to help you through what would otherwise be a fairly tedious process. Not just that but the kit also comes with an instruction manual to give you a better understanding of its components.

Among them, a slip solution to help you smooth the nails, no fewer than six different colors with all accessories, an enhancement builder feature, and color-changing acrylic extensions to use as you please.

#1 Makartt P-01 Poly Nail Gel Kit Builder

Makartt P-01 Poly Nail Gel Kit Builder

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This trendy nail art kit builder from Makartt is seen by many as the absolute best poly gel nail kit in existence. The main reason behind its tremendous popularity is its convenient design, one that incorporates a nail extension gel that dries impressively fast along with all the necessary tools you could possibly need to efficiently style your nails.

Among them, a clear nail extension gel, a natural pink nail extension gel, a light pink nail extension gel, a base gel, dual forms of 60 pcs in 12 sizes, a dual-ended nail brush and spatula, a nail file, and a comprehensive guide to help you through. All things considered, it is one of the most reliable poly nail gel kits out there.

The Guide To Styling Perfect Nails

Although there is some debate on the actual benefits of acrylic, gel, or poly nail kits, it commonly comes down to personal choice and personal experience. As such, those who have had pleasant experiences with acrylic nails tend to go back to acrylic kits every chance they get.

Among those who prefer gel nail kits, many argue that gel kits are easier to use and that they require less preparation. There are also those who argue that poly nail kits offer the best of both worlds, albeit in a more peculiar package that some people tend to have a problem with. That said, it is our duty to point out that good nail art begins with the actual preparation and all the tools and accessories it involves.

Tools & Accessories

It may not be obvious for some folks, but the right tools, gadgets, and accessories will guarantee that you have a better time preparing and styling your nails. Not just that but proper tools will also shorten the time it will take to design and fashion your own nail art style. With that out of the way, you can then and only then focus on the proper nail gel, polish, adhesive, and any other chemical-based product that you might see fit to use.

Manicure Table
A decent manicure table will help you organize your manicure-related products and accessories, either for professional or personal use. These tables are commonly found in nail salons all over the world and are commonly employed by nail technicians to help with their work.
Nail Polish Rack
With a good nail polish rack, you get the capacity to organize your nail polish according to any criteria you see fit. As such, you will never have to engage in tedious browsing and testing ever individual polish bottle you get a hold on.
Hot Towel Warmer
Pretty self-explanatory, a hot towel warmer will keep warm towels on hand for you to use before, during, or after the nail styling process. Although not essential, these towel warmers are increasingly popular among nail styling enthusiasts and it’s easy to see why.
Acrylic Nail Brush
These brushes are made to resemble traditional nail brushes, with the added notion that they are a bit easier to handle. At the same time, these brushes are designed to be very flexible and to be incredibly smooth to the touch.
Cuticle Pusher
This is a simple tool used to perform manicure and pedicure related tasks. With such a tool, you get the capacity to push the skin from your cuticles back and away from your nails, so as to help your nails grow stronger afterward.
Cuticle Nipper
A cuticle nipper is used to treat tough cuticles and hangnails so that they will not interfere with the nail styling process. These nippers are great for trimming thin fingernails and toenails, a flexibility you cannot achieve with any other type of tool.
Pedicure Kit
Good pedicure kits tend to incorporate everything someone could possibly use for nail care. These kits tend to include foot files, callous removers, cuticle nippers, foot scrubs, nail files, cuticle nail pishers, nail buffers, and a handful of other equally useful tools.

The File Kit

You should always have a reliable file kit on hand when caring for your nails, be it in a personal or professional capacity. A decent file kit should incorporate a variety of files, be them files with rougher or smoother edges.

Needless to say, there is a time and place for using almost any type of file, which is why you want to invest in a decent file kit if you haven’t already. Such a kit should contain above all a standard nail file, a diamond nail file, and an electric nail file.

Nail Drills

A nail drill should be seen as a valuable asset regardless of whether you use it for yourself or in a professional setting. Either way, a decent nail drill should not only be reliable but also easy to operate, in the sense that it shouldn’t interrupt your workflow in any way.

For this purpose professional nail drills usually have a knob or a pedal that lets you adjust the speed on the go. On a related note, pay close attention to the type of cord the drill uses, as straight cords are less likely to get in your way.

Finding The Right Polish

Few are those who understand that finding the right polish isn’t just about aesthetics alone but also about expressing yourself on an emotional level. As such, expressive nail polish should always express your general mood and perhaps tell a story about what you’re going through at any given time.

It is for this reason that some people invest in mood changing nail polish as a valuable asset because, at the end of the day, chrome nail polish and regular gel nail polish will only achieve an abstract outlook.

Polish Removal

A nail polish remover is a must-have item for anyone who takes an active interest in nail care. When it comes to polish removal, you are sure to find out that a good remover won’t just help you get rid of unwanted nail polish but it will do so while also moisturizing your hands in the process.

If you can, pair the remover with a nail polish thinner for a more complex approach to nail maintenance, especially if you are the type of person who changes their nail style a lot.

Callus Removal

Along with the polish removal, one should also take an active interest in finding a good callus remover for obvious reasons. While a pedicure foot file will help you get rid of some of the most obvious surface calluses, a specially designed callus remover is bound to make the whole process a whole lot easier.

Alternatively, you can employ a callus remover gel with roughly the same results. In this regard, it usually comes down to personal preference because each callus removal option has its own particularities.

Nail Glue

You should also look into getting some nail glue for yourself sooner rather than later. Not many people realize this but you can definitely repair a broken acrylic nail instead of reapplying it altogether.

In fact, it is actually advised that you do that on account of how easy and convenient it is to use nail glue even without prior experience with the formula. Bear in mind, however, that nail glue is best used for individual nails and not for repairing seriously damaged nail patterns.

Acrylic Powder

It is important to remember that acrylic powder is actually polymerized monomer, which means that it can be formulated to possess a wide range of unique properties. Interestingly enough, acrylic powder is usually colored by manufacturers as it is colorless in its initial state.

This enables experienced users to blend it in almost any style or pattern, a versatility it owes to its polymerized formula. For the most part, however, manufacturers will sparkle it with glitter, metal-coated plastic, or thin sheets of minerals to give it an extra shine.

Nail Tips

When looking for suitable nail tips to go with whatever design you have in mind, seek out long tips that you can trim at any given time to blend into your envisioned look. It is by no accident that manufacturers design these tips as long as they do, mainly to give out some leeway with respect to trimming and shaping them any way people see fit. It is also important for these nail tips to bode well with any nail glue you might be using or any other adhesive for that matter.