Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial - Vampire Bites

Hey guys!

Today I have the last Halloween tutorial that I'll be doing this year for you. I didn't realize how popular this design would be but I've had several requests for a tutorial on this design so here it is!

To refresh, here's the design I'll be showing you how to do today:

Keep reading for the tutorial!

What you'll need:
The exact brands/names of the polishes I've used are in brackets but you can use whatever brands/shades you have in your stash.

Flesh coloured polish* (OPI Samoan Sand), bright red creme polish (China Glaze Salsa), dark red creme polish (China Glaze City Siren), a deep burgundy creme polish (China Glaze Naughty and Nice), and a red glitter polish (China Glaze Ruby Pumps).
*This is the colour that is closest to my personal skin colour but you'll want to use whatever is closest to your own skin.

Your favourite base (CND Stickey) and top coat (Seche Vite).

A detail brush (mine is from Michael's and the brand name is Simply Simmons).

A medium sized dotting tool.

A makeup sponge.

A pair of tweezers.

Step 1:
Apply your base coat. (I didn't think it was necessary to take a photo of this step.)

Step 2:
Paint all of your nails with your flesh coloured polish.

Step 3:
Using your detail brush and your bright red creme polish, freehand dripping blood at the base of each of your nails (except your ring finger nail). The point is to make it look like your cuticles are bleeding (that sounds gross but I promise it'll look good).

Step 4:
While the "blood" is drying, let's focus on the ring finger (i.e. the vampire bites). Tear off a very small piece of your makeup sponge and using your tweezers to hold it, dip it into a small amount of your dark red creme polish. Dap off the majority of the polish onto a piece of scrap paper. Using what little polish is left on the sponge, dab 2 medium sized circles onto your ring finger. These will serve as the bruises around the bites.

Step 5:
Using your medium dotting tool and your deep burgundly polish, place a dot in the middle of each of the bruises you just made.

Step 6:
Now let's return to the dripping blood that you drew in Step 3. Using your detail brush, go over all of the dripping blood with your red glitter polish.

Step 7:
Return to your ring finger and using your detail brush and your bright red polish, draw a drip of blood coming from each of the bites. When that is semi-dry, go over it with your red glitter polish.

Step 8:
After allowing your design to dry completely, add a layer of your favorite top coat. This will make your new mani last longer, it will smooth out any bumps and ridges that have been created during the process, and it will also give your nails a nice shine.

As always, I hope this tutorial was helpful and I hope some of you will try this design out for yourselves. And I'd love to see pictures if you try it!


  1. I used this as my inspiration for my bloody nails mani.

  2. OMG. This mani is awesome and makes me wince at the same time. My fingers hurt just looking at your pictures!

  3. This is AMAZING! I'm so going to try this for Halloween!

  4. Jenny HillerströmOctober 30, 2013 at 12:37 PM

    Love these, will do them for a party on saturday, but I need to tell you, I googled vampire nails tutorial and found your pictures without watermark on another site, no links towards your page... I just wanted to let you know


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