Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review & Swatches - Color Club Halo Hues 2013 Collection (Including Comparisons)

Hi everyone!

Last week I showed you the first set of Color Club Halo Hues, and this week I have the second set to share with you. While I liked the first set a lot (basically, if it's holo, I like it), this set offers some more vibrant shade options, which I was really excited about.

Along with the regular swatches, I also included some comparison photos in this post that compare this 2013 set with the 2012 set. Hopefully those will aid you in making your own decisions regarding which shades you want.

Swatches, review and comparisons after the jump!

Of course, before I get to the swatches I have to go through my little holo spiel. It's basically copiesd and pasted from the last post, so if you've already read it, just move on to the swatches.

For each shade I have two pictures for you - the first is in natural lighting and the second is with flash so that you can really see the holographic effect. Honestly, most of them don't look like anything special in natural light, but with flash on, it's like BLAM! HOLO!

I didn't use any sort of aqua fix base coat with these polishes. They're just done on my bare nails. If you want, you can use a buffing file to smooth out any ridges in your nails to ensure a smooth application. However, go easy with the buffer because too much buffing can weaken your nails. You'll notice that even tiny imperfections in the nail result in a less than perfect application when it comes to holo polishes. Case and point: on both my index and middle fingers I have patches on corner breaks. The difference in texture is noticeable in these photos, but not at all noticeable in any of the other swatch photos I've taken this week.

And although most times I show my swatches with top coat, these ones are without it. That's simply because top coat dulls the holo effect for a couple of minutes while it's drying, and I didn't want to wait after each swatch. But yes, the holo effect does return to full power once the top coat dried.

Ok, on to the swatches!

Beyond is a charcoal grey-black linear holo. I was really excited about this one because I always love a black holo, but the holo wasn't as strong as I was expecting. In fact, it's the weakest holo of the group.

Cosmic Fate is a orangey-tan linear holo. Orange is a colour we don't see in holographic form much, so this was a great addition to the collection in my opinion. Although I will say that I wish it was even more orange because in some lights in can look more brownish-tan.

Below I've shown a side-by-side comparison of Cosmic Fate with Cherubic from the 2012 Halo Hues. Cosmic Fate looks much more orange when shown next to the tan/nude shade of Cherubic. They're actually a lot less similar than I first thought.

Eternal Beauty is a medium blue-leaning purple linear holo. This one is really pretty, even in natural lighting. And it looks so rich and vibrant in the sun/under direct lighting!

Below is Eternal Beauty compared to Cloud Nine from the 2012 Halo Hues. Whoa, these two are a lot less similar than I thought. Eternal Beauty is a deep and vibrant blue-purple while Cloud Nine is a more delicate, pale lilac.

Kismet is a yellowish lime green linear holo. Green pretty much always wins my heart, but I really love this one. It's just so bright and fun!

Below is Kismet compared to Angel Kiss from the 2012 Halo Hues. I knew these two would be nothing alike because they're very different shades of green (lime vs. teal), but I thought I'd still show the comparison for the hell of it. Plus, since these are my two favourites from all of the Halo Hues, it's fun to see them side by side, haha.

Miss Bliss is a really saturated medium pink linear holo. Ok, does anyone remember the really early years of Saved by the Bell? The teacher's name was Miss Bliss and she's all I can think about when I think about the name of this polish. Please tell me I'm not the only one! Now we just need a Mr. Belding and we're all set.

Below is Miss Bliss compared with Halo-graphic from the 2012 Halo Hues. These ones are more similar than any of the others, but it's still evident that Miss Bliss is deeper and more vibrant than Halo-graphic.

Over the Moon is a vibrant medium blue linear holo. The holo effect isn't as strong with this one as some of the others, but it's still gorgeous.

Below is Over the Moon compared with Blue Heaven from the 2012 Halo Hues. These ones are also similar, but again, Over the Moon is more saturated, deeper and more vibrant than Blue Heaven.

I didn't talk about each of the formulas/application individually like I normally would because they were all basically the same. The formula was really easy to work with. In fact, these are some of the better holo formulas I've used. Also, each of them required just two coats to get the opacity you see in my swatches.

Overall, I really love the vibrant nature of this set of holos. My favourites are Kismet and Eternal Beauty.

I definitely think that Color Club should make even more Halo Hues. I'm happy that they've given us twelve shades already, but I'd love to see an even bigger range of shade options.

Unfortunately, these ones doesn't seem to be quite as widely available as the first set. Neither Nail Polish Canada or Harlow & Co. are offering them right now, but hopefully they will in the future. In the meantime, they're available from 8ty8beauty, the Color Club website and at Enospring, which is where I got mine.


  1. Lmao! I loved Miss Bliss from SBTB. The actress is Hayley Mills from the Original Parent Trap.

  2. Color Club really did well with the 2012 holos. I love the vivid colors!

  3. I like the fact that more and more companies are making entire holo collections. Color Club is unfortunately unavailable where I live, but I hope I'll get my hands on at least one of these when I go to Holland. Your swatches are amazing. I guess Beyound has stronger holo effect than Revvvolution.

  4. All of them are gorgeous, but my most favourites are Cosmic Fate and Eternal Beauty <3

  5. Ohhhhhh, I want Miss Bliss! All of them are gorgeous but that one strikes me the most.

  6. Over The Moon and Eternal Beauty. That's it.
    Before seeing you swatched I thought I didn't need any of them :D

  7. Amazing swatches!! Thanks for the comps. I'm also in Canada, and I just grabbed these at Winners ($7.99) I never saw the first 6 there... But I'm hoping!!!

  8. Hey guys. You can purchase any color from the range here:

    Get them while stocks last =)


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