Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review - OPI Matte Top Coat

Hi everyone!

I think that with all the textured matte polishes being released this year, matte nail polish in general is also tagging along and making a real comeback. Matte-ifying your polish can really add some interest and edge to any mani! OPI is doing their part to contribute to the matte trend by releasing their first matte top coat next month, and today I'll be sharing my review of it with you.

I always love the look of matte-ified glitter manicures, so I decided to paint my nails using a base colour of OPI Suzi's Hungary Again! and then topped it with OPI Polka.com. Both of these shades are from the recent Euro Centrale Collection. Once my mani was dry, I added a coat of OPI Matte Top Coat to each nail and waited for the magic to happen. It took approximately one full minute for all of my nails to be completely matte.

The OPI Matte Top Coat features OPI's exclusive Pro-Wide brush, which is always a pleasure to work with. The formula was great and it flowed really nicely onto the nails.

I actually used to work at a beauty supply store and it was insane how many people would come in looking for a matte top coat! Our store never carried any, and although I knew that both China Glaze and Essie had released matte top coats, neither was available locally. So I'm really glad that OPI will be bridging that gap in the market, at least here in NL anyways.

Overall, I'm really happy with the OPI Matte Top Coat and it'll definitely be my new go-to matte topper!

The OPI Matte Top Coat will be available started April 2013 at Professional Salons and Spas across Canada for $10.95 CAN suggested retail.

The product(s) in this post were provided by the manufacturer or their PR in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Yay an OPI top coat. I have wanted a matte top coat for a few months now and OPI is my favorite brand.

  2. Have you tried it over black? I have and love the Essie one, but I find that it makes black look really greyed out.

  3. Glad OPI will be making one too!

  4. I couldn't tell the first picture was matted, so it makes me wonderhow OPI's matte topcoat will compare with other brands. There are already plenty of other matte topcoats out there, I hope this is a good one given the competition. I find myself doing fine with NYC's $2 version.

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