Saturday, June 08, 2013

Picture Tour - My Updated (Again) Nail Den

Hey guys!

I know that it was only about a month ago that I showed you my new nail room, but since then I've actually made a number of changes to the room. I wasn't planning to show the whole thing again, but I asked on twitter if you guys would like to see the changes and the response was an overwhelming yes, so here it is!

You might recognize some of the descriptions because for the things that haven't changed, I've mostly just copied and pasted their descriptions from last month's post.

And like in the last post, I didn't scale these pictures down, so you can click on all of them to enlarge.

First I'll quickly mention the light fixture. It's one of the new additions to the room and I think it really ties everything together. It's from Bouclair Home.

Now let's talk about the desk/shelving unit. It's from Home Depot and I absolutely fell in love with it the moment I saw it online. My old polish desk was definitely past its prime, and having gone through two moves, it was a bit dinged up. So I was already in the market for a new desk. On top of that, I'd been considering building my own (read: getting David to build it for me) polish shelf because I wanted somewhere in my room to display just a few polishes and maybe some smaller decor items. Well with this desk I got the best of both worlds! A new desk with a huge and spacious shelving unit attached!

I've now been using the desk for over a month and I can confidently say that it was one of the best purchase decisions I've made for the room. It's so incredibly functional and the huge amount of shelving space has been awesome. Although oddly enough, I noticed that the price of the desk has actually done up over $100 since I bought mine! I'm really glad that I got it when I did.

As expected, the shelves on the desk have started filling up pretty quickly. The very top shelf now has framed copies of both of my certificates as well as a couple of candles. The frames are from Winners. Once I started working in the room, I realized pretty quickly that it was missing a clock, which is a pretty important component to have in a nail salon. So I got a cute little clock, also from Winners. I ordered some business cards from Vistaprint, so they're in a little holder on one of the shelves. Oh and my appointment book is up there as well.

The other stuff is mostly all decorative stuff that was seen in my first post such as candles, a pretty diffuser and a couple of little baskets. I also lined up a few blue polishes on one of the shelves to tie in with the (originally unintentional, but now I'm totally running with it) white and blue theme. Interestingly, the room totally matches my blog's theme! :)

On the desk itself the only new additions are the blue towel and the white hand rest. The blue towel is just a regular hand towel from Wal-Mart and the hand rest is from a local professional supply store.

Moving on. The chair on the left is for clients and the chair on the right is my new nail tech chair! I didn't have that one in my last post because it was actually a gift from my lovely future mother-in-law after I completed my training! The client chair is the same faux leather chair from Bouclair Home that you saw before and my new nail tech chair is from a local professional supply store. The awesome zebra print pillow that's sitting on the client chair is from Winners. I love the pillow because it not only ties in with the white and blue theme, but also with the animal print on my Melmers!

The art on the back wall hasn't changed since the last post. I have two collages of photos of nail art designs that I've done, although I can't really take credit for this idea because my friend Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails actually gave me one for Christmas in 2011! Sadly, it got damaged when we were moving so I had to recreate it myself, and in the process I decided to make another. I'm actually thinking that I might repaint the collage frames white so that they tie in better with the colour scheme of the room.

I talked about the piece in the middle in my last post, but I know there'll be questions about it so I'll copy and paste the description.

That piece is a very thoughtful homemade gift from David. It's a canvas with hundreds of little dots of nail polish on it! He worked on it in secret for weeks and I didn't even notice! He thought of everything too because the four corners are all done with OPI It's My Year, which as most of you know is the polish he proposed to me with. And in the middle he left one spot for my favourite polish, which I haven't filled yet because making that decision is just too hard, haha. And as if that wasn't enough, if you look closely, you'll see that in the bottom right hand corner he created a heart shape using only red and pink polishes. He's actually the best ever.

On the side wall there's a new art piece that I picked up from Bouclair Home. I just thought that the colours were so suitable for the room. I love it.

Moving along you'll see all of my Melmers. For anyone who's not sure what a Melmer is, it's a name coined by the nail polish community for storage cubes from Michael's Craft Stores. It's a play on the word Helmer, which is a popular nail polish storage solution from IKEA. They're plain white when you purchase them, but I decorated them using animal print scrapbook paper.

Ironically, in the previous post I talked about having empty drawers, and thus room for inevitable polish expansion, but only two weeks or so after posting that, I was doing some polish organizing and realized I was actually out of space! So I had to go out and purchase two more Melmers, which means there's now twelve (!!!) for polish and one for my gel supplies. The one for my gel supples is in the corner next to my desk.

Getting those two new Melmers were actually the reason I had to rearrange the room. If you remember from the other photos, the desk was originally where the Melmers are now, and vice versa. But there was no more space for Melmers on that side, so I had to rearrange everything. Fortunately, I actually love it so much more this way! It's significantly more functional.

On top of my Melmers, you'll see some more decorative items such as a big candle stand, a cute little lantern candle, my little "create" sign that I painted (with nail polish, of course) to match my Melmers, and the same framed nail-related photos that were originally on top of the desk in the first post. There's also the Zoya Gilty Pleasures box set which I thought was too pretty to be hidden in a drawer.

The two blue bins are new and they're both from Bouclair Home. The larger one contains polish supplies such as remover, base and top coats, lotions, etc, and the smaller one houses my camera and its supplies. Finally, there's my homemade lightbox.

I thought the floor looked a little bare in front of my Melmers so I got this nice white furry rug from Wal-Mart. I went back and forth about getting it because I thought it would be hard to keep clean, but I eventually gave in and got it. Surprisingly, it's incredibly easy to clean! I just go over it with a little hand vacuum once a day and it always looks as good as new!

Well there you have it! My nail den is completely finished. If I make any changes now they'll be minor ones, so you won't have to look through another huge post like this one again, haha. I'm so in love with everything and I really just love spending time in here.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love it- everything looks fabulous!

  2. looks so good, I absolutely love it! And I really love the secret project your husband did for you, that is so sweet!!

  3. I love it, it`s amazing. The color scheme is beautiful, and I love all the animal print!

  4. Everything looks absolutely beautiful! I'm SO jealous of your set up, one day I plan to have one room just for polish/nail stuff!

  5. OMG!:OO beautiful*-*
    I fell in love!!

  6. I'm so in love with your nail den... looks really relaxing and inspiring to work at.

  7. This is heaven. When I'm able to get my own little nail den, I'm totally basing it off the look of yours. Gorgeous, and the art your husband did is the sweetest thing!

  8. SO fabulous. I'm just going to move in next door if that's A-OK with you! lol

  9. Such an amazing space! I love it!

  10. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. Your nail den looks really beautiful and well organized! And I love the way you put your photos in the frames.

  11. And David's painting is amazing! :-)

  12. Once again, I am HIGHLY jealous of your nail room. I want one!

  13. I adore it!! You've done an amazing job! I love the blue accents and especially the gorgeous nail polish dot picture. Wish I lived in Canada so I could visit you and feast my eyes on your nail polish heaven! :)

  14. I always love seeing your storage and nail den photos, you have such a brilliant eye for design (which is obvious from your great nail art!), everything looks so clean and fresh.

    The blue and white scheme is just perfect. It gives off such a serene and peaceful vibe just looking at the photos. It looks like it would be such a relaxing experience.

  15. You have done an amazing job on your room. It's absolutely lovely!

  16. Helča Sammet-RichterováJuly 8, 2013 at 3:55 PM

    That dot art from David looks just like the new album cover from Thirty seconds to Mars.

  17. Briana NailACollegeDropOutOctober 16, 2013 at 12:10 AM

    i wish i had a room just for my nail stuff!

  18. I couldn't be more jealous!

  19. The beautiful painting is so appropriate because it is five petals like fingers...


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