Monday, January 23, 2012

Updated Nail Polish Setup + A Delayed Christmas Gift

Hey guys!

As many of you already know, I recently moved to a new place with my boyfriend. I've been wanting to show you guys my new nail polish setup for a couple of weeks now but it's taken us this long to get settled away so it had to wait until today. Even though it's just the two of us, we got a two bedroom place so that I could have an entire room to dedicate to polish!

For my polish room, I purchased a new desk to use instead of the corner one I had before (I loved that desk but I wasn't able to do other people's nails using that setup). I'm still using my trusty Melmers to store my polish so that hasn't changed, but there is something else that's new to my polish space!

About a week ago Rebecca and I were finally able to get together to exchange Christmas gifts (yes, it took us that long - we're very busy gals) and she gave me the most awesome gift ever. Seriously. I love it SOSOSO much and it's absolutely perfect for the space.

Before I show you that, I'll show you a picture of my setup without the gift from Rebecca. And then to leave you in complete suspense, I'll post the photo that includes her gift after the jump.

That was my setup before adding Rebecca's gift. As you can see, the desk is much better for doing other people's nails because I can just pull it out so that someone can get on the other side. I have my mini medusa lamp (I also have the large floor-sized one) and of course, my DIY decorated Melmers, which you can see the contents of here (albeit my collection has certainly grown since that post).

Keep reading to see the awesome gift from Rebecca!

Isn't it amazing?! It transforms the space from a regular nail polish setup to a Nails by Kayla Shevonne setup! I love it! Thanks so much Rebecca!

Now I want to get one of those lights that hangs above the frame and illuminates the whole piece. I think that'll really tie everything together!

What do you guys think of my setup? And what about my awesome gift from Rebecca?!

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  1. Love your ideas. I know this post is a little older, just going through them. The Den is awesome!


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