Sunday, February 19, 2012

Guest Post - Briana's Bling Cherry and Crackle Nails

Hey guys!

I still have a couple of more guest posts for you before I return to posting myself. Today's guest poster is Briana from Nail A College Drop Out and she'll be showing you her


Hey guys! I'm Briana from Nail A College Drop Out and I'll be your guest blogger today.

Every so often I'll order some miscellaneous nail goodies to try out. They arrive, I get excited, I ogle my new bounty, and then I finally find something to do with them.

This little mani is no different.

For the finger on the left I used Nina Ultra Pro Sailor and a combination of beads and rhinestones from

And Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Mint Sorbet and Icing Shattered Glass for the other nail.

I hope you guys enjoyed this short and sweet guest post of mine and a big thanks to Kayla for posting it!

Thank you for the opportunity.


Thanks for this great post Briana! The bling cherry nail is really cool and those colours on the crackle nail go really well together!

Thanks once again and you're welcome back anytime to do another guest post!

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