Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guest Post - Laurie's Valentine's Day Nail Art

Hey guys! Happy Valentine's Day!

Welcome to today's guest post! As I mentioned yesterday, I'll be featuring several guest posts this week while I wait for my broken nail to grow back to a reasonable length.

And since I'm not currently sporting a Valentine's mani, I'm happy to be able to show you an awesome Valentine's Day nail art design by Laurie from Dressed Up Digits. I've mentioned Laurie on here before and some of you might remember that she's the one who made my awesome polish ring using OPI DS Original and a zebra stamp. I love that ring so much!

Enjoy Laurie's Valentine's Day nail art!

Hi Readers!

In case you didn't already know I am not the fabulous Kayla Shevonne! She needed some guest posters and I have been lucky enough to be chosen!

Before I show you my cute Valentine's Day mani let me tell you a few things about my love/hate relationship with Kayla. First off all, you all know her, you've all seen her stuff so I KNOW you KNOW how I feel lol!

One of my first experiences with Kayla after meeting her was her constantly saying something was easy--like her dots. GURL this stuff is not easy when you are first starting out lol! How many of you have been lusting after her nail art for months trying to do it and just can't? Don't feel bad--YOU ARE NOT ALONE! hahahahaha.

Kayla is so awesome but true story she is super sweet too. She's like that really pretty, skinny cheerleader you couldn't hate back in high school because in addition to being pretty and skinny she was super nice too!

What you're going to see from me isn't as awesome as Kayla's stuff BUT she's inspired me to keep on doing what I'm doing, for that I'm forever grateful!

Here's my Valentine's Day mani!

Thanks so much to Kayla for having me today! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

XXX OOO Laurie


Thanks so much for this awesome and flattering post Laurie! And your dots looks awesome, by the way!

Thanks once again and you're welcome back anytime to do another guest post!

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